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Liberals ‘blather without restraint’

Steve Finefrock March 30th, 2011

Bill Maher and Rod Lott clearly enjoy whacking conservative, tradition-minded, Marine-supporting, patriotic flag lapel-pin-wearing Americans.

Bill complains in Phil Bacharach’s rather brief “interview” story (“‘Real Time,’ red state,” March 16, Gazette) about how so very tough it is for liberals to survive as a minority in Oklahoma City! Try being a conservative in Hollywood — I know that turd-rich environment from nine years’ effort, in the process finding conservatives aplenty, who are existing and earning a living by keeping their mouths shut.

Maher likely doesn’t “know” any conservatives since they keep their head down; he may employ some at his HBO boys’ club, yet not know it. In Oklahoma, the liberals — you know, that poor, poor minority — blather without restraint in every venue where I encounter them (especially on Sunday at one library branch, their favorite watering hole), knowing it’s safer to be a liberal in a red state than to be a conservative in a blue state.

Add Lott’s March 13 movie review slam on a go-go actioner “Battle: Los Angeles” (“LA UFO, OMG!”) that gives blue-boys a hint of what would be required if Marines were called upon to save the anti-military brats of the People’s Republic of Santa Monica, and its larger left-wing environs of Los Angeles, and the Gazette continues to shun any understanding of conservatives, the military, the tea party movement, (oh, wait, they are the tea baggers — so much for civil discourse from the left) or the vast environs of red America.

Lott believes in his managing editor’s heart that “BLA” has no story — it’s rich with story and theme and plot and emotion, but not to the snarling, snarky, snotty lefties who doubtless are like those who slammed Charlton Heston for his gun ownership, until, that is, they frantically phoned him during the Rodney King riots, begging him to help them shortcircuit the waiting period by loaning a gun for self-protection. They wanted guns, and they wanted them now. Chuck reminded them of their pre-riot theories, and let them protect themselves without his hardware.

“Battle: Los Angeles” gets it, as does its audience; Maher and Lott don’t. Thus, all the whining about “why can’t we all get along” and other Santa Monica/ Malibu “Kumbaya” mentalities get a realistic view in “BLA” that only patriots can see. When the nasties come ashore, you’ll all cry “Where are the Marines?” and demand they come to your neighborhood first.

—Steve Finefrock
Oklahoma City

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03.30.2011 at 10:11 Reply

First off....

"It’s safer to be a liberal in a red state than to be a conservative in a blue state."

I’m going to need some clarification here.  Because you go on to illustrate how stupid, liberals are for being unarmed and constantly resisting the military industrial complex, and yet take no heat for being the gun toting fear mongering conservative you are.  Let’s make one thing clear, I do not know of a situation where liberals have been accused of violent acts against conservatives.  But there are certainly violent acts perpetuated against liberals, especially here in Oklahoma.  So this delusion that you have that liberals are safe in a red state is preposterous!


You choose to place this halo of innocence on those who own firearms but not everyone who owns a firearm has a halo.  These people, motivated by fear, will brandish that weapon the moment they have the opportunity to quash the beliefs of those who do not fall in line with their own.  When was the last time a liberal used violence to force his will on another?  While I do not discount the possibility that liberals (being a majority) in Hollywood might scare you, it’s not because they are packing heat, it’s actually because you are more terrified of losing your livelihood, a situation which no doubt lead to your relocation to Oklahoma.  Now you feel emboldened to say the things you say because there are more people in this state who might nod their heads in agreement.  This seems kind of cowardly to me.  You want to come here and hide behind this wall of conservatism because it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  And the thing that amuses me, is that (based on your Heston inspired comments) you are no doubt a gun owner.  So even in a place where you are surrounded by like minded individuals (whom should be friends to you) you still cower in fear.  But here you have a liberal like me, whom does not own a firearm, and freely walks among you like a lamb before lions.  People like you vandalized my family’s cars because I had the audacity to put a sticker on it with the name of a black man running for president.  I suppose that wouldn’t bother me so much if it weren’t for the fact that it was inspired by racism (the vandal used the word nigger).  Someone so narrow minded could have been enlightened to hear my reasons for voting the way I did (none of which had anything to do with race), but instead they hid behind a wall of ignorance and bigotry.  And they operated under the cover of night to conceal their crime.  These are the cowards that this liberal walks among and ignorant comments like yours only leads me to believe that perhaps I am not the lamb here, I am the lion.  You fear me, and you fear people like me, people who hang out in bastions of education like libraries which you begrudgingly refer to as a “watering hole” (as if to imply that those seeking enlightenment are equal to those falling off bar stools).  People who might go to such a place to observe history, and are not content sitting in a recliner listening to Glenn Beck pervert what actually happened.  I can no more acquire facts from Glenn Beck than Bill Maher, but I can go to a library and see what truth their commentary might be based on.  Why do those seeking truth scare you?



You go on to point out the plot in a fictional film as if it has any relevance in fact.  I love sci-fi as much as the next guy, but it seems there is a point you might be missing.  You are angry that some liberals might be screaming “where is our military”, when they do nothing to support our military.  And that is a pathetic perversion of fact.  Liberals do support our military; they just do not support occupation, which is pretty much what we’re doing in Afghanistan.  And we do not support wars made to fuel the military industrial complex or to extract oil from land we have no right to, which is what Iraq was all about.  From this I might infer that you also don’t think a single person serving under our flag is a liberal, another miscalculation on your part.  As a matter of fact, I seem to recall a story about an Army doctor who refused to deploy (Lieutenant Colonel Terry Lakin) because he didn’t believe President Obama was an American citizen.  Birthers are not liberals, and therefore it stands monolithic as an example of a conservative writing the rules based on his own cowardice.  And what’s more pathetic about that situation is that it caused someone else to be deployed in his place.  That’s like me calling into work today and saying I’m not sick but I’m still not going to work today, all while still expecting that to be cool with my boss.  The fact of the matter is there are people on both sides who serve, and your comment spits on at least half of them.  Moreover, if the people of L.A. actually were attacked, they have every right to have the marines there.  They pay federal taxes just like everyone else, and as such are worthy of sharing our national defense. 


There is a tone in your commentaries which is wholly disturbing.  That, while I’m sure you (as a conservative) must fight against the “entitlements”, you clearly want to set a precedent where by the conservative group you walk among are the entitled.  You want to be entitled to be the only ones whom deserve military aide in a time of crisis, you want to be entitled to Christian prayer in school, and You want those whom exercise free speech (such as Bill Maher) to have that freedom liquidated simply because they don’t agree with you.  I find it odd that someone who should be pressing freedom, you seem to be lobbying towards complete fascism.  So perhaps when referencing science fiction and the roll of government in that genre perhaps you would be more accepting of the governments in such films as; THX1138, Equilibrium, Logan’s Run, V for Vendetta, and The Matrix.  For what all these films teach is attempts at Utopia’s are always Dystopia’s, and freedom is reserved for those who never get out of line.  And can one even consider that freedom? 


Frankly Sir, the world you want should terrify everyone.  It’s a world straight our of Orwell’s 1984 in which thought of freedom is a crime long before attempts at freedom are even made.  When I look into your world, I see Gestapo Thought Police kicking down doors and arresting innocent people for daring to think, feel, and worship as they choose.  I don’t want to live in your world, and I dare say that when fully implemented, you wouldn’t either. 


04.01.2011 at 09:59 Reply

Steve, being the proud owner of THE MARINE starring John Cena on DVD, I think I have just shattered your argument. Semper Fi! 


04.01.2011 at 10:07 Reply

I'm becoming increasingly convinced the Mr. Finefrock is a satirical character, designed to to highlight the most ridiculous beliefs and attitudes of our society's more conservative members. If that's the case, then I applaud the author of his letters for their Swiftian style mockery of a world-view untouched by such evil modern concepts as "perspective", "open-mindedness" or "sense". 

I especially admire how they highlight the absurdity of tea-baggers claiming victimization for liberals calling them by the name they originally called themselves until they found out why it caused liberals to giggle out loud.

But, sadly, I strongly suspect that this is mere wishful thinking and that Mr. Finefrock isn't a fictional character, but instead a sad, bitter, crank who couldn't get his screenplay produced and blames his failures on politics rather than his potential lack of talent.


04.01.2011 at 11:39 Reply

The name Steve Finefrock when Googled reveals quite the conservative backstory.  But the link I found most amusing was this.,0,6800133.story

While I must conceed that there could be more than one person with this unfortunate moniker, I choose to believe this is our man. I must admit to a degree of schadenfreude at the thought of him dealing with bed bugs.  And I wonder how long before his next think-piece conspires to link these insects with liberals.  I mean, he already considers us bottom-feeders, so why not take that metaphor and run with it.  

See Steve, you knock liberals, but here they are writing your commentaries for you.  I'm nothing if not eager to please.