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Accept food stamps

Kevin Connolly April 6th, 2011

A person can be intelligent and not be educated, and a person can be educated but have no intelligence.

As a history and English major from Cornell University in 1978, Bill Maher is obviously educated, but is an intellectual joke. In Phil Bacharach’s cover story “‘Real Time,’ red state” (March 16), Maher accuses taxpayers of just not getting it.

According to, “the top fifth of households made 56 percent of pre-tax income in 2006 but paid 86 percent of all individual income tax revenue collected,” with “the top 1 percent of households, which made 19 percent of pre-tax income, paying 39 percent of all individual income taxes.” continues: “The trend is similar if you count income taxes, social insurance taxes, excise taxes and corporate income taxes (such as capital gains) combined. The top fifth of households paid 69 percent of all federal taxes. The top 1 percent paid 28 percent.” Uncle Sam, when handing out tax return checks, gives more back to the wealthy because they paid more into the system. Common sense. also states the “Tax Policy Center estimates that for 2009, 43 percent of tax units (most of which are lower-income households that may or may not file a return) will have no income tax liability or will have a negative income tax liability, meaning the government will actually pay them.” Getting paid for nothing. Nice.

Those of us who work our asses off, often laboring 40, 50, 60 or more hours each week, are getting hosed by those that feel they are entitled to our money. The harder we work, the more money we make, and the more money we have available for our personal desires. If the incentive to work hard is driven away by a government that wants to give my money to a bum, the drive to work hard and move ahead is killed. Note the failed attempts of socialism.

The next time Mr. Maher is speaking at the Civic Center Music Hall, he may wish to lower his entry fee and instead accept food stamps for admission. He might see a larger gathering.

—Kevin Connolly


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04.06.2011 at 07:03 Reply

You make at least one good point in there.  While we're at it, let's point out tax credits issued simply because someone managed to give birth.  I understand the government’s desire to help the well being of it's developing citizens, but this is like paying people to have unprotected sex.  And I don't know if anyone has noticed, but in 1900 the world population was 1.65 Billion, in 2050 it's estimated to be over 9 Billion.  So if there is one thing we shouldn't be doing, it's encouraging people to procreate.  Our population boom is why social policies are becoming crippled under their own weight.  And now the reactionist Washington wants to disable all social policies as opposed to trying to fix them.  I'm sure you're in favor of that, but tell me something, what happens when Welfare, Unemployment, Social Security, and Medicare are dissolved and YOU end up unemployed?  Cause if there is a trend I've noticed it's that those with jobs take a lot of shots at those without jobs.  You fail to comprehend that not everyone who is unemployed and bilking the government is doing so by choice.  By the way, how many children do YOU declare on your taxes?  And why should you be rewarded simply for doing something that comes natural to every living creature?

You and I pay into these programs, and there is an unwritten contract that if we fall on hard times, those programs will help us.  So I ask you to consider what your perspective would be if you were involuntarily unemployed?  Please re-align your belief that all those exploiting these programs aren’t worthy of the benefit, because I can assure you, at least 50% are worthy.  Fixing these programs is what needs to be done, and that’s what Washington MUST do.  We can’t be cutting checks to every cry baby with a sob story and a note from a shady doctor.  Tough love is what these programs need, not an evening with the executioner.

I see you live in Edmond.  In my household I refer to that place as Hoity Toity land.  Because, let's face it, you are better off, despite this tax burden that you claim is crippling you.  I don't doubt for a second you live quite comfortably in your $300,000 McMansion, you own not one but two inefficient SUV's or Pick-up trucks, and every evening you plop down in front of your 50 inch Plasma not to watch the Nightly News, but to hear opinion spewing from FOX News.  Don’t try to blow smoke up my butt.  Because I live in NW OKC, my house cost less than yours, my 2 cars are fuel efficient, and my TV isn’t 50 inches.  And after all that, I don’t pitch a fit about paying my taxes.  Why is it that the more money a person makes, the less socially responsible they become?  Oh, and for the record, I have NEVER used Welfare, Unemployment, Social Security, or Medicare.  Despite that, I have no problem paying into those programs, because I expect them to be in place if I should need them.

Regrettably, American's such as yourself who don't want their money going to the poor are those who would claim to do their share to help the poor.  But I would bet you all the money in my savings that if you held onto your 39% (which if you’re being taxed at that rate, you are in the wealthiest group of Americans), you wouldn't spend nearly that much on aiding those truly in need.  And I feel emboldened to say that isn't an American value nor a Christian one.  You’d do well to remember what the Bible said on this issue.  “It’s easier to pass a camel through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God.”

You might have sympathy for the poor, but you lack empathy.  Hopefully one day circumstance will take you down a peg.  And when you try to call on social services they won’t be there.  Perhaps then Karma will enlighten you to your misconceptions of the poor.  I have faith that even the most self-centered of us can open their hearts to those who are suffering.