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Gazette staff April 13th, 2011

“Here we go... *backs up* *runs* *flings self at Oklahoma*”

And thus began the saga of NYC-based young-adult fiction author Maureen Johnson’s Oklahoma City junket. She kept mildly obsessive tabs on her recent Metropolitan Library System tour via her award-winning Twitter account, which was tabbed by tech site Mashable in 2009 as the “Most Interesting Twitter User to Follow.”

A tour of her tour, via choice tweets from her 100+ missives in three days:

—“*mj shaped dot appears over Oklahoma City, falling fast* aaaaggggGGGggHHhhhggghhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHH”

—“GUESS WHAT??? I am totally going indoor gokarting tomorrow between events! BEST VISIT EVER!!!!! #zooooom”

—“May need to send out picture of dress in the am to get advice on how to stuff said dress into kart.”

—“Oh my god. I want to go kart EVERY DAY!!! I was BEATEN, but only by two seconds. My best lap was 47.6.”

—“About to do my last appearance in Oklahoma City, and my ear just popped after two and a half days.”

Man, being an author is a rough gig.

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