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Get Yourself a College Girl

Pure, unbridled fun.

Rod Lott May 2nd, 2011

Get yourself "Get Yourself a College Girl," a 1964 co-ed comedy as bubbly, effervescent and tasty as an ice-cold bottle of RC Cola.


It's new to the MOD DVD circuit from Warner Archive.
It has cartoony credits, rock 'n' roll hits, super-cute women, a go-go club setting and almost no story. With those first four, however, it doesn't need much of one. So why does "Girl" have such sour ratings and reviews? In other words, what do people have against pure, unbridled fun?
Former Miss America Mary Ann Mobley, whose sweet singing voice is preferable to her Southern speaking one, leads a double life. The presidency at her all-girl college knows her as the prim, virginal Theresa; the music industry knows her as Terry, successful songwriter of many a 45 smash, some dealing with S-E-X.
Its paper-thin plot finds Terry and her girlfriends (Chris Noel, Nancy Sinatra and Joan O'Brien) on a swingin' ski lodge vacation, where she's being stalked, more or less, by her music publisher (Chad Everett, presaging Rob Lowe's character on TV's "Parks and Recreation").
Like many teen-oriented flicks of that era, it's loaded with lip-synched performances of full songs by several chart artists. Unlike many, it has good taste in tunes, with the likes of The Animals, The Dave Clark Five, and Stan Getz and Astrud Gilberto, who looks very uncomfortable in front of the camera. As impressed as I am that the all-black jazz combo Jimmy Smith Trio was included, so are cutaway shots of an African tribal leader dancing in sped-up motion for comedic effect. One step forward, two steps back.

Purposely silly, wholesomely sexy, this “Girl” can’t help but be a good time. —Rod Lott

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