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Galileo probe

Steve Kern May 24th, 2011

David Grow obviously is committed to the evolution paradigm for explaining observations in science. In reading his letter (“‘Controversy’ response,” April 27, Gazette), one has to remember that his foundational assumption is that evolutionist naturalism is true. Thus, he would use the lack of production of vitamin C in both humans and apes as suggesting a link to a common ancestor. He did not mention that guinea pigs also have the same deficiency.

This example Grow used may suggest we do not have all the information about this spot on the DNA. It also could suggest that similar DNA has common hot spots for susceptibility to mutation. We also need to consider, which a naturalistic observer would never do, that similarities in the DNA code points as much to a common creator as much as a common ancestor. If all was made very good and then mutations came later, then mutations could be expected to affect similar points on the DNA code.

Also, no scientific studies that question evolution are published in science journals unless they can be debunked. Many findings are never published, and so how can they have an “honest” critical review by those who are already biased against the findings before they ever read the study’s report? In the elite scientific community, evolution rules and so evolution makes the rules. There was a similar situation back in Galileo’s time.

—Steve Kern
Oklahoma City

Kern, husband of state Rep. Sally Kern, R-Oklahoma City, is pastor of Olivet Baptist Church and adjunct professor at Mid-America Christian University.
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05.25.2011 at 02:30 Reply

Oh my GOD Steve, Shut Up!  You're echoing the FOX news crowd who believes the facts are being surpressed by the liberal media in some clandestine agenda to ensure everyone goes to hell?  Get a hold of yourself man.  If someone wants to believe your tripe they will, no doubt you have a couple congregants who buy your crap hook line and sinker, but unfortunately those of us who haven't shut down the logical thinking portion of our brains find it really hard to believe that "God" snapped his fingers and everything is as it was 5000 years ago.


Do us all a favor, and write your letters to the easily lead fools who read the Daily Oklahoman.  I guarantee you'll "save" a lot more souls doing that than pestering those of us who don't like to be force fed from a dated, poorly translated, and unverifiable text.


05.26.2011 at 06:55 Reply


There is so much wrong with your letter I don't know where to begin. It's clear that you do not have training in the sciences.

Please forgive me for asking. I've been in health care all my career and I really do not want to be rude. Please let me ask this, are you on medication?

The reason I ask this in all kindness that sometimes when a person is on medication the level of medication in the body can vary quite a bit according to different metabolic levels in the body. When the medication level is too high, it may make a person a little erratic causing a person to imagine all kinds of things that seem very logical and reasonable to the overly medicated person.

If you are on medication please see your physician immediately.

If you are not on medication may I suggest in all kindness that you schedule an appointment with your physician immediately. There are many medical conditions that can cause mental instability, delusional  and magical thinking. In your writing you demonstrate several very serious disconnects with reality and display a classic paranoid delusional world view.

Please do not take what I have written in the wrong way. My intent is to help and not criticize. I am not mocking you nor am I a member of the mind police or an agent of Satan.

Please, for your own sake and the sake of your loved ones, seek professional help.

God bless and may you find peace and good health.


05.26.2011 at 12:32 Reply

Some people are just attention whores, and being controversial is the only way this loser gets the attention he craves.  The readers and the Gazette need to stop humoring this guy.