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Skeptical of Inhofe

Chadwick Cox May 25th, 2011

Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., tells us that nuclear power plants here in America are safe (“Counterpoint: ‘Clean, reliable, affordable’ power,” April 20, Gazette) because he asked Chairman Greg Jaczko of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the nuclear industry, and they told him our nuclear power plants are safe. He accepts their word without question.

However, when the international community of climatologists reports that the earth is heating up, and that we humans are causing that warming, he says that it is a “hoax.” Inhofe only believes what he wants to hear and not what is demonstrable. His claiming the nuclear power plants here are safe makes me skeptical on that basis alone.

—Chadwick Cox
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05.25.2011 at 02:13 Reply

Awesome!  You have made an overwhelmingly valid point!


But let's just say what's we're thinking.  Sen. Inhofe believes what he's paid to believe.  What I'd really like to ask him is "what's it like to have big business' arm so far him his posteriour that they are working his mouth like a sock puppet."


05.26.2011 at 12:23 Reply

Great visual imautobot!  Political puppet, perhaps we should coin an official term for politicans who firmly speak for their corporate overlords.  I vote for "Pluppet".