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Thunder up!

P.T. Henley June 1st, 2011

I’m writing this letter on Monday, May 23, 2011, the day after the worst tornado to ever hit Missouri.

The wind devastated three-fourths of the city of Joplin, Mo., and the two major papers in Oklahoma had the following banner headlines:

—Tulsa World: “Deadly twister hits Joplin”
—The Oklahoman: “Fans go the distance for OKC”

I remember the good old days when The Oklahoman printed the news and put their editorials on the front page. Now the front page is an extension of the sports page and all things politically correct.

Their idea of investigative reporting is trying to find out what is in their star basketball player’s backpack. I don’t know what is in there, but I can tell you what is not in there and that is a diploma from a major university.

They should be investigating what is wrong with college athletics, but they don’t have a clue.

I see the Tulsa World now sells for $1 in the Oklahoma City market. How long before The Oklahoman follows suit? After all, they are recession-proof.

—P.T. Henley
Oklahoma City
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06.02.2011 at 02:40 Reply

sometime during calendar year 1999, columbia univ's journalism school rated the daily jokelahoman as the worst newspaper in the usa. there has been no steps taken to improve. the best parts of the daily jokelahoman are crossword puzzle, the comics, and paper for the bottom of a birdcage so the bird can take a $hi!.............  


06.03.2011 at 08:23 Reply

I find it funny that I often go into a grocery store and get offered a free copy of the Daily Oklahoman.  That kind of smacks of despiration, if you ask me.  I always decline, because if I wanted to get my media from a one sided news source, I'd unplug my computer, disconnect my phone, and disable every channel on my TV except for FOX.  The internet is Godsmacking the #$%& out of print, and that is one paper that deserves to reap what it sows.