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Letters to the Editor

The gospel according to a ‘liberal’

Brandon Wertz June 15th, 2011

Mickey McVay seems to think that liberals are the only ones throwing dirty words in the political ring.

His comment (Letters, “Discouraging words,” June 1, Gazette) only serves to show how myopic and polarized he really is. As it goes, I certainly don’t appreciate being called a “libtard,” “Dumbocrat,” “Marxist,” “Commie,” “pinko,” “bleeding heart,” “hippie” or “progressive” by his ilk. The latter of which is ironic, because the name itself implies progress, and that is never a bad thing. Mickey, beware: The ire of judgment goes both ways. Jesus said so. Matthew 7:3: Look it up.

—Brandon Wertz
Oklahoma City
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