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Keep the Kerns in cold storage

Delores Jackson July 6th, 2011

Could we please have a Kern-free issue of the Gazette?

Every issue seems to carry yet another screed from the Rev. Steve Kern lecturing against evolution, separation of church and state and/or homosexuality. His bigoted, anti-science views have been repeated and are unlikely to change anyone’s opinions.

Worse yet, the June 15 issue published a full-page promotional puff piece (News, Clifton Adcock, “‘Stoning’ Sally”) on Sally Kern’s new book. Most of your rational readers would have been pleasantly unaware of this ode to victimology without the Gazette’s help.

State Rep. Kern, R-Oklahoma City, continues to be an embarrassment to the state as she insults women, people of color, members of the LGBT community and most other Oklahomans. I love your publication and think it would benefit from less input from either Kern.

—Delores Jackson
Oklahoma City
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07.06.2011 at 08:31 Reply

While I totally agree with you Delores, it's in the Gazette's interest to remain impartial.  Lest they be accused of being part of the "Liberal Media" conspiracy.  

Now if only the Daily Oklahoman knew what impartiality was.


07.06.2011 at 01:41 Reply

Delores, I and a lot of other folks agree with you.

I like to think that when a news outlet (print, TV, & radio) reports the Kerns' abhorent behavior, that maybe, just maybe, Sally's constituents are becoming intelligent enough to vote her out of office; elect somebody else. Maybe Steve's church-followers will wise up and stop going to his church? I've adopted an attitude of "maybe if the Kerns' bad behavior is shown off, people will see them as idiots and the Kerns will go away." Probably, my naivete gives me this attitude. I like to think that people are inherently good and open-minded. 

If nothing else, the Kerns' behavior is fodder for laughter.

We, also, have to remember that the Gazette is our conduit for freedom of speech; freedom of the press. We can always disagree with what is reported............