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Agree and disagree

Tom Furlong July 6th, 2011

I’m in complete agreement with the Rev. Steve Kern (“Counterpoint: Soul concern,” June 22, Gazette) about resisting on all fronts the idea that homosexuality is the norm.

God is the majority, and he says it’s a sin. So, no matter how one feels about partaking in such debauchery, no matter how many people think it’s fine, don’t do it!

What I mourn is Steve repeating the Cimarron Alliance’s nonsensical assertion that there are 365,000 homosexuals in Oklahoma. National scientific polling has established that homosexuals comprise far, far less than 10 percent of the population. They’re noisy, but, thankfully, few.

—Tom Furlong
Oklahoma City
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07.06.2011 at 08:24 Reply

"God is the majority, and he says it’s a sin."


Can someone with your clear understanding of everything explain to me why it is that those who berate homosexuals have to fall back on the Old Testament?  When the name "Christian" implies you follow Christ, and Christ doesn't even exist in the Old Testament.  

So when you get to the New Testament, and find that Jesus Christ; son of God (but still one with God), never spoke on the topic of homosexuality, you ignore his actual words about love, tolerance, judgment, and peace.  Why is that?

If you want to revere the Old Testament as greater than what you factually know came from the Son of God, then I dare say you aren't a Christian, you are a Jew.  Which is perfectly fine; just stop doing a disservice to real Christians by professing to be one.

The Bible deems that no sin is greater than another.  Therefore your judgment of homosexuals makes you just as sinful as you believe they are.  But there is something that is of much bigger concern to me; that being the idea that what you believe has the ability to trump what I believe, or vice versa. 

People such as you deem to prevent homosexuals from marrying because “God… says it’s a sin.”  That’s based on your religion, and religion can not affect matters of state, as indicated by our constitution.  While homosexual’s desire to marry has nothing to do with religious motivation, merely the desire to have their love quantified in the same manner as everyone else.  There isn’t a religious agenda, and therefore, theirs is the one which is legally righteous.   You can debate the morality of it till the cows come home, it’s not going to change the fact that your motivations stem from your religion and thus are null in the eyes of government.

When you think about who killed Jesus Christ, and the scripture they cling to over the teachings of Christ, I dare say you are no better than the individuals responsible for his death.  This is not a condemnation of Jews, it’s a condemnation of those who continually ignore everything Christ said in lieu of more malevolent Old Testament doctrine while still professing to be “Christian.”  It seems only logical that Christians would believe the word of Christ is greater than anything else written in the Bible.  But by this point I've concluded, that Christians are exempt from logic.


07.06.2011 at 01:47 Reply

tom, live and let live, buddy. i don't have a god and i feel some sadness for you that your god thinks that loving another person is a sin.

i have heterosexual and homosexual friends. their lifestyle is theirs to live as long as they are happy. their lifestyle does not affect me.  i like to see my friends and family happy in their lives.