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Jesus and gay people

Randy Johnston July 13th, 2011

My faith is simple. I believe in God and Jesus Christ. I believe God is all things to all people. I believe God loves everybody and everything. To see God, I merely need to open my eyes and look around. Evidence is everywhere.

Steve and Sally Kern believe in God and Jesus Christ, as well. However, they believe in a conservative God, a God that limits love and acceptance to those with particular beliefs. To see God, they need to look in the Bible.

If Jesus were to approach Steve and Sally Kern and a gay person standing in the street, would Jesus ignore the gay person as “lost” and cast his loving gaze only on Steve and Sally? No, he would not. I know this in my heart. My faith is from the heart.

Steve and Sally’s faith is rooted in their minds, born from years of conservative Bible study. Out of this come rules and regulations about God’s relationship with people. This is a mental approach to faith.
I pray a time will come that all the Steve and Sally Kerns of the world will open their hearts to God and stop using their minds to decide God’s love is not given freely and equally to us all.
—Randy Johnston
Oklahoma City

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07.13.2011 at 06:43 Reply

Now here is a person who actually read the New Testament!  

Steve and Sally are just bigger fans of the fire and brinstone God in the Old Testament.  So it begs the question, why does that text override everything the son of God said?  

Maybe it's just me, but I believe some people take comfort in believing that they will one day be separated from others by some moral boundry defined by God.  This seems almost like a sadistic thought when you consider that Jesus was about bringing people together.  If there were a place where sinners were cast into a firey pit, Steve and Sally would gladly stand on it's rim and relish the agony of those they pushed into it.  There is nothing moral and just by enjoying the suffering of others, let alone inflicting pain, which appears to be their motivation in this life.  

I imagine Steve and Sally have the Rev. Fred Phelps from the infamous Westboro Baptist Church on speed dial.