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Kern: Go back to the closet

She was kinda asking for it with that book title.

Gazette staff July 27th, 2011

When Bob Dylan said they’ll stone you when you’re trying to keep your seat, he may have been talking about state Rep. Sally Kern, R-Oklahoma City.

The GOP lawmaker who keeps getting re-elected appeared on Alan Colmes’ Fox News Radio show July 8 to promote her book, “The Stoning of Sally Kern.” Colmes, a selfdescribed liberal host, asked some salty questions and started the interview by having Kern clarify her infamous comment on homosexuality being a bigger threat than terrorism.

“All I meant by that was more people have died in America from AIDS than have died from a terrorist attack,” Kern said. “That’s what I meant.

“When there’s a terrorist attack, it destroys people’s lives and property, buildings. I believe that the homosexual agenda is destroying the moral fiber of this nation.”

Colmes said that being gay does not make one inherently evil.

“Because of the Christian worldview that I have, I do believe that homosexuality is a lifestyle that doesn’t have God’s blessing,” Kern said.

Although Kern told Colmes she had some liberal friends she considered to be “fine Christians,” she still believes left-wingers are attacking religious conservatism. Kern said morality is being legislated every time a bill is signed into law.

“I don’t want to force Christianity down anybody’s throat,” she said.

“Jesus never did that. … But I believe that our Founding Fathers established this nation based upon biblical principles.”

Colmes argued that the Founding Fathers were deists who didn’t legislate their religious views into law. They didn’t talk about homosexuality … and neither did Jesus.

“Jesus didn’t have to talk about homosexuality because he continually reaffirmed marriage as being between one man and one woman,” she said in response.

Colmes said he didn’t get why Kern compares gay marriage to bestiality, pedophilia or group marriage because no one’s asking to marry animals or children.

“Gays have been fighting for the same rights as straights,” he said.

“Same-sex marriage will definitely open up the door to other types of marriage,” Kern responded.

Colmes asked Kern if she wanted to outlaw gay activity.

“For years, gay activity, gay behavior was outlawed,” she said.

“I would rather it be back in the closet the way it used to be. The reason they had laws against is because of the consequences that gay activity has.”

Kern then said she would make sodomy illegal.

“So oral sex should be illegal?” Colmes asked.

“I’m talking about a relationship between a man and a man or a woman and a woman,” Kern responded.

“All right, so oral sex would be OK for straights but not for gays? I want to be clear here about what you’re advocating.”

“You’re a master at this debate stuff,” Kern conceded.

Click through to watch video of Kern's appearance on Colmes' show last week.

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08.01.2011 at 09:22 Reply

I love how Kern's take on Sodomy is one that condones it among heterosexuals, but condemns it among homosexuals.  Sodomy is a very broad term, but if it were properly applied in the Biblical sense it would pertain to any sexual activity that doesn't result in procreation.  Therefore, if she is as conservative as she professes, she best not be an advoate for anything other than plain, vanilla, penis-in-vagina intercourse.  And it's a safe bet, you're not supposed to enjoy it either.

Not to come off too crass here, but I imagine Rev. Steve has poked her in a few places which would constitute Sodomy.  And since she didn't jump at any oppotrunity to fight the concepts of heterosexual sodomy, one might assume she enjoys it.

Just sayin'.

As for her "more people have died from AIDS than a terrorist attack." statement.  You could say the same thing about Cancer, but she's can't put a gay face on cancer.  Clearly she seeks to anthropomorphise AIDS in the form of the Gay community while completely ignoring the fact that AIDS is spreading equally fast though the Heterosexual community.  Saying that she has backpeddled enough to make her comment less offensive would be a lie, if anything It's more offensive.  Apparently it's perfectly fine if she says things that berate a person or group, but if they say it about her (based on her well documented statements), she's "attacked" by the "liberal media."  It makes you wonder if in all her years she's never heard that part of miranda rights about "anything you say can be used against you."  That's not just something that happens to her, it happens to anyone who lives in the spotlight and has the audacity to say something contentious.  Once it's a matter of record, you can rest assured it's going to come back to haunt you.  The solution is to just shut up, or stick to your bigoted guns.

What's it gonna be Sally?  You can't have your cake and eat it oo.


08.12.2011 at 10:25 Reply

Kern and her ilk still don't  get and I guess they never will. It's not a choice. Kern stated, “Jesus didn’t have to talk about homosexuality because he continually reaffirmed marriage as being between one man and one woman.” That's a stretch and I'm not talking about muscles. She just won't amitt the truth that Jesus was never talked about homosexuality. The harded Kern tries to justify her position the goofier she sounds.