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Fuel for fossil debate

Steve Kern July 27th, 2011

James Nimmo (Letters, “Dinosaurs and humans, living together!,” July 12, Gazette) accused me of being a “flat-earth” person because I do not accept evolution dogma that says dinosaurs died out 70 million years ago.

If he read my book, “No Other Gods,” there is a section that shows how the ancients knew the earth was round very early on. A flat earth is a later concept.

I challenge Nimmo to refute the observable evidence that has convinced me that dinosaurs and man lived at the same time. If the Bible account is true, then the evidence I have for my position about dinosaurs is actually predicted and what you would expect to find.

Evolution predicts there should be thousands of intermediate fossils that have come and gone to support their simple to complex gradualism. They are not there. I have something to show for what I believe. What does evolution have? Challenge me if you like.

—Steve Kern
Oklahoma City

Kern, husband of state Rep. Sally Kern, R-Oklahoma City, is pastor of Olivet Baptist Church.
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07.27.2011 at 07:47 Reply

"Evolution predicts there should be thousands of intermediate fossils that have come and gone to support their simple to complex gradualism. They are not there."


Here they are:


07.28.2011 at 12:20 Reply

Since Rev. Kern does not actually say what "evidence" that humans and non-avian dinosaurs coexist is,  I will point out that I found it in a web article called "Dinosaurs and Man" by Kern:

(As I write, the site is down but the text can be seen by putting that address into Google and clicking the "cache" link for the article.)

Here is verification that the site is owned by Kern:

I have saved a copy of the article just in case Kern's website does not go back up.  It would be nice if others do the same.  Don't let him pretend he never posted it.

I briefly debunk it in a letter I submitted to the editor.   It was not hard as Kern's facts are so bad that most creationists try to stop people it because it they are trivial to debunk and it ends up embarrassing the creationist cause. 

Since Kern is challenging pro-science people to evaluate his evidence, I think it is only fair, reasonable, and legally fair use to quote two representive paragraphs of Kern's article so Gazette readers  know what is supposed to impress them:

[Start quoting Kern]

Another good source for evidence that dinosaurs and man lived together before and after the flood is Dennis R. Petersen’s book, Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation. One such evidence is called Malachite Man. This is a group of modern human skeletons buried in Dakota Sand Stone that is supposedly 140 million years old which would pre-date most of the dinosaur ages. The stones that contain the remains of ten humans, four of which were female and at least one was an infant, are found in Moab Utah in the same 100 million year old rock formations that entomb many dinosaur remains in the nearby Dinosaur National Monument near Vernal, Utah.

Dennis Petersen also records pictures of human tracks mixed with dinosaur tracks taken in the Paluxy River bed not far from Glen Rose, Texas. The human tracks are obviously genuine as well as the dinosaur tracks. The tracks actually cross each other’s path in the very same sand stone. These tracks have been known to exist for several years but get little notice outside of creationist circles. This is the case because such evidence would destroy the old earth evolution paradigm if given wide public disclosure. Petersen only covers the Paluxy River tracks but other similar tracks have been uncovered in other parts of the world. Another source for this information is the book, Dinosaur, by Dr. Carl Baugh who has led some of the excavations done in the Paluxy river bed. This evidence makes it clear that man and dinosaurs lived together at the same time.

[End of quoted material]

Good day.

Michael Hopkins