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‘Dirty’ job

You don't want to see the film that was set in Stillwater.

Gazette staff August 3rd, 2011

Opening Friday in select cities (read: likely not ours) is the dramedy “Dirty Girl,” which we only mention because it’s set in Norman, and definitely not because it looks like there’s a scene in which the leading lady might be forced to strip for some quick cash.

The film takes place in 1987, when sassy Norman High School student Danielle (Juno Temple, soon to be seen in the next Batman movie) runs away with her fat-and-gay best friend and a sack of flour they’ve named Joan. Along the way, she crows things in her best Okie accent like “What are your thoughts on the pullout method?” and “The hell you are!” and “Mister, you don’t know who you’re dealing with.”

She also tries out the “magic fingers” device on a cheap motel bed. Co-starring are Milla Jovovich, William H. Macy, Mary Steenburgen and Dwight Yoakam.

So why Norman?

“Dirty Girl” marks the feature directorial debut of former Broadway dancer Abe Sylvia, who also wrote the screenplay and once upon a time called the Sooner State home.

“I had a weird upbringing,” he told indieWIRE. “I had hippy parents, and we lived in Oklahoma. They grew up in California, so there was a very strange disparity between my family and everyone else’s. And I was overweight and in the closet, and very shy. So while the story is not a true story, it’s certainly influenced by those experiences and the juxtaposition of where you want to be in your life versus where you actually are.”

Sounds like Temple’s last line in the trailer: “Sometimes you’ve got to accept what life throws at you to find out what you’re made of.” We think we read that on a Hallmark card once.

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08.12.2011 at 01:50 Reply

clearly you have not seen this movie at all. by every one of your references, you've looked at a 2 minute trailer. why don't you do some investigative journalism and do your job and actually make an effort to SEE this entire film before you dare write about it. furthering your lack of research - the movie opens in october. does someone actually pay you to do your job? sheesh.


08.12.2011 at 02:45 Reply

Speaking of "sheesh" --- what exactly are you all worked up about? It's not like it's a movie review. 



08.17.2011 at 11:11 Reply

someone who gets paid to write for a publication - whether it be an editorial, a review, an article, an interview - should have their facts straight. do some research and due diligence. and if you're going to critique someone's work, at least do the bare minimum and actually educate yourself on the subject about which you're writing. and maybe put your name on it and not hide behind some random "gazette staff" title. 


08.19.2011 at 08:26

I still don't get where you see criticism out of it just like I still don't see where you find wrong facts:


08.20.2011 at 12:45 Reply

if you don't understand how someone sees criticism out of this, then i'm not sure i can help you much further. it's pretty blatant. the first line is "you don't want to see the film that was set in stillwater." telling people that they aren't going to want to see a movie before  you yourself have seen it and been able to form an intelligent opinion seems like pretty unfair criticism to me. 

if i were writing about a movie that's being released by the weinstein company, i might try something as simple as going to the weinstein company's website and getting a correct release date:


08.21.2011 at 01:42

You must not have paid attention to what you read! The movie is set in NORMAN not STILLWATER. So by that logic the reverse is true -- it's like saying "go see this movie that is set in Norman but not any one that is set in Stillwater." 

Also anyone who knows anything about release dates knows that the Weinstein company is historically THE WORST about meeting their own dates. Not to be trusted. About anything really.