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'Dino' might

Michael Hopkins August 3rd, 2011

Regarding “Fuel for fossil debate” (Letters, July 27, Gazette):

The Rev. Steve Kern says, “I challenge (James) Nimmo to refute the observable evidence that has convinced me that dinosaurs and man lived at the same time.”

The so-called evidence of dinosaurs (excluding birds) coexisting with humans is so horrid that it is widely held in disrepute even in creationist circles. The most common claim, the tracks at the Paluxy River in Texas, is rejected by Answers in Genesis and other creationist organizations.

I found Kern’s “Dinosaurs and Man” online and it uses the Paluxy claim. He also says “Malachite Man” was found in “supposedly 140 million years old” rocks, which is outright false. He cites “Dr. Carl Baugh,” whose claims are debunked. Creation Ministries International’s website says “he (Baugh) unfortunately uses a lot of material that is not sound scientifically. So we advise against relying on any ‘evidence’ he provides.”

Kern’s remaining examples are just as pathetic. Kern’s letter then claims that there are no intermediate fossils. No matter how many times creationists say it — as if they think that they can change reality by repeating mantras — it will not change that there are many known fossil intermediates.

Take, for example, mammals and their synapsid ancestors. There are so many intermediates that it’s hard to draw the line between non-mammal and mammal, except by arbitrary definition. Those fossils show in detail how bones that were jawbones became the bones of our middle ear.

— Michael Hopkins

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08.03.2011 at 10:19 Reply

Since the Gazette does not usually print references let me do it here.

That AiG and other creationist organization reject the Paluxy "man-tracks":

  • google: arguments creationists should not use

(There are several version of this article which is an attempt by the top young-earth creationist organizations to keep their most incompetent followers from embarrassing the cause.)

For a detailed debunking of the Paluxy claims see:


Kerns article was at:


That website is having difficulties at the present time, but can be found via a Google cache.   Google the URL and click "cache" in the results. A whois check confirmed that the web site is indeed owned by Kern.

For "Malachite Man" see:

  • Or just do a Google search

Debunking of  "Dr." Carl Baugh can be found at


(My submitted letter mentioned that Mr. Baugh's doctorate came from a diploma mill which is documented at the above website and several other places easily found by using Google, etc.)

The Creation Ministries International quote:


(Note: The Gazette put a period to end that quote.  I used an ellipses as it was not the end of the sentence in the original.)

The following on transitional forms was edited out, probably for space:

"Find some books by professional paleontologists at the library and you will find examples.  Or just google transitional fossils."

For the evolution of mammals and their middle ears:

  • Or google: evolution of the middle ear

I personally find it a shame the letters of the editor don't usually have references, but understandably there is only so much space. C'est la vie.

I hope people check my references and/or make obvious searches.   My say so is nothing, what counts is with enormous amount of easily found information that supports my claims.  Many will be surprised just how easy it is to refute what Kern says.