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CFN QOTW, part deux

Gazette staff August 24th, 2011

“There’s another level of infinite, lonely flatness to Oklahoma that takes your breath away. Very hot and windswept, often sweltering, still enforcing strange liquor laws (no cold anything) Oklahomans look to Texas … for entertainment!? Even though Tulsa and Oklahoma City aren’t too bad, this state (along with its neighbor Kansas) is where the modern world goes to die. Cowboys and Native Americas, horses and churches thrive in Oklahoma but I must say this is one butt-ugly state. Get out fast.”

—Napa, Calif.-based writer Bob Ecker writing for As a follow-up to his list of the five prettiest states, Ecker included Oklahoma in his Aug. 12 list of “The 5 ugliest states in the nation,” along with Connecticut, Delaware, Kansas and Nevada. Sorry, Bob, we can’t all be like Napa.

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08.24.2011 at 07:57 Reply

Sadly there is a lot of truth in Bob Ecker's words.  I've lived in a number of places, and if I could have afforded to stay there I'd have never left Hawaii.  Though in fairness, the Big Island is just as devoid of anything socially redeeming.  Probably why so many of the locals drink and smoke weed while the law looks the other way.  Of course, the general malaise of being on an Island is no doubt a big factor in the astronomical cost of auto insurance, though the weed and alcohol is probably also a factor.  For all it's negatives, I'd rather be paying $400 a month for a 10x10 room just blocks away from the ocean and a safe bike ride from anywhere than paying almost $1000 a month for an Oklahoma mortgage with no safe or fun swimming locations, and minimal tolerance for those who enjoy bicycling.

I know you're wondering what am I doing here if I hate it so much?  Well, I got married to an Okie, and her family (whom I adore) is here.  You make choices and you live with them, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.