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Scary faucet

Kerry Lund August 31st, 2011

Regarding Clifton Adcock’s cover story “H 2 NO” (July 27, Oklahoma Gazette):

Water is on the minds of most everyone in OKC now. In your favorite search engine, search for “disappearing groundwater,” “groundwater depletion” or something similar. Then search for “water in agriculture.” Then search for “water footprint.”

You will find out that groundwater is disappearing in many parts of the globe. And you will find that water is a big percentage of all foods and is used in all manufacturing. Once the groundwater has been used up, we will have no choice but to get along with rainfall.

How would rational people prepare for the coming water shortage?

Rational people would reduce fertility to the point where the population would match the rainfall. What are we doing as a species? We are reproducing as fast as we can. And our numbers are still exploding currently.

It takes 60 years for a fertility reduction to show up in population demographics. Who is going to kill whom when we run out of water?

—Kerry Lund
Oklahoma City

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08.31.2011 at 04:39 Reply

I totally agree with this, but you live in a state that believes in religious right over morality. Mr. Straughn has a letter in this very issue about the poor and how helping them is voluntary. He says, "Poverty and famine relief in the New Testament was voluntary". That being said, maybe he wants us to stop giving them water on the side of the road when it is 100 degrees outside. Obviously this will not keep our numbers down. Reproduction is important, but not at multiple levels. We also live longer and consume more in a lifetime, natural selection has been defeated. I hope my generation can take part in slowing our population.