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Let’s start over

Kyle D. Loveless August 31st, 2011

Please stop me if you have heard this one before: There is an allegation of abuse, the Oklahoma Department of Human Services sends in investigators, the child is placed in foster care, then after an uncertain amount of time, placed back into the same hellhole of abuse they were removed from.

Then the dead child gets her name put on a piece of meaningless legislation. It is all too common for the children of Oklahoma.

A few years ago, my wife and I attended a DHS-sponsored forum on how to become foster parents. One of the first slides explained the main problem with DHS: “The central mission of DHS is to reunify families.” That statement shook me to my core. I left appalled.

That sounds nice and fuzzy, but if the family is fractured to where a child is abused or neglected, I say, we need to step in.

Let’s put the child’s interests first.
I do not have a magic wand on how to fix it, but I think I have some ideas on how to start. If I were king, I would start anew, but politics is the art of the possible.

First, change the mission of DHS in regard to children. The goal should be to protect and rescue those children that have been abused or neglected. Period. The basic function of our government is to protect life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. When we can’t protect innocent lives, we need radical, fundamental reform.

Let’s take the goal of unification off the table and put the child’s interests first, not the fractured family that put the child into protective services in the first place.

Next, we should transfer DHS’s other core functions like food stamps and senior care. This would remove the agency’s administrative burden.

Let’s create an agency that works with the faith-based and nonprofit organizations across the state, because more than likely what needs to be fixed is someone’s soul, as well as their body. The goal should be to rescue the child, and put them on the path to self-reliance and self-esteem to break the cycle of violence. Give them the tools to survive; don’t send them back to the place where their innocence was lost.

As a Republican, I am proud that we have control of the governor’s man sion and state Legislature, but actions speak louder than words.

Gov. Mary Fallin has said, “It’s unacceptable that any child in our state should lose their life because of abuse or neglect.”

Gov. Fallin, as a parent, please do something to stop this tragedy of bureaucracy. It is now in your hands. It is time to do something: Do it for the children, do it to be more efficient, do it to lower government waste and bureaucracy — just do something to make sure we don’t have this horrendous plague on our state. At some point, the blame falls on those voting for people doing nothing.

Loveless, a former state Senate candidate, is owner of Phoenix Consulting and the business manager for Loveless Orthopedic Footwear.

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09.05.2011 at 09:25 Reply

We live in a society where people hold unborn life as greater than that of one that is born and suffering.  The disconnect you illustrate doesn't surprise me in the slightest.  What's regretable is that Fallin is probably more apt to tell her constituents to pray for these children then to encourage legislation to protect them.


09.28.2011 at 01:20 Reply

They tell everybody that their main interest is to reunify families. What they don't tell you is that their main interest is Title IV funding. They pick up children from single parents that are not abused and then later put them with the other parent who is a criminal. Then when the child dies they said well we were just trying to reunify the family. Serenity died because they took her from her loving grandparents when it was proven that the parents were unfit. Then DHS steps in again takes her out of that home and puts her with the daddy where she was later murdered. What people need to understand is everytime she was picked up from house or another DHS collected a check. I can also prove with documents, court records, tape recordings etc. that they have also falsified evidence to take peoples children just to get that important Federal Bonus Money.


09.29.2011 at 10:17

If you can prove this is happening, then you can't sit on such evidence.  You need to call Dateline, 20/20, Kevin Ogle, and anyone else who can shine a bright light on such a horrific and dangerous practice!

Evil thrives when good people do nothing!