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‘Shut up or get out!’

Rob Bennett September 7th, 2011

One week it is a statement of proof about dinosaurs living with humans; the next week is one or more replies disputing this.

Yet, all I want people to consider is this: Do the Kerns really hate homosexuality so much that they would wish for dinosaurs to replace it? Forget about the Bible or science for a second, and ask yourself as a human being: Does it really matter if we lived with dinosaurs? Do we really have to make a person’s life miserable just because they love in a different way?

Let’s talk about how well our city has worked together during these hard times — straight, gay, transgender and even those few asexual people out there. We have all played a role in keeping our economy running while the rest of the country has had major problems.

If you are an Oklahoman who does not want to see a fellow Okie happy and healthy, no matter who they are, then please shut up or get out!

—Rob Bennett
Oklahoma City

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09.07.2011 at 09:48 Reply

Some people are just happier when making others miserable.  Ironicaly they tend to do so in the name of a loving God.  

I left the church after I began to feel these counter Christian influences pressing on me.  I don't need someone else telling me what's right.  I feel it in my heart.  And making someone feel like shit because of whom they choose to love does not elevate my spirit.