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Inexplicable nonsense

Mack Paul September 7th, 2011

On a Monday morning several years ago, I reported to work at Noble Junior High School to be greeted by one of my students who informed me that people and dinosaurs had actually lived at the same time.

It was an unguarded moment, and I bluntly replied that no one in their right mind thought that. He continued by telling me that this was, in fact, true and that the entire student body would soon be crossing the street to the Baptist church to be presented with the proof.

“No, we won’t,” I assured him. On that point, he was right because a few minutes later we were told to take all the kids to the church. We attended a lecture given by G.T. Sharp of the Creation Truth Foundation, the G.T. Sharp referenced in Clifton Adcock’s “Reclamation project” in the Aug. 10 edition of Oklahoma Gazette.

I happen to know G.T. quite well as he taught next-door to me in Noble for several years. He’s a good guy and a good teacher. I knew his kids, and I know him to be a very good father. To this day, I think well of him.

He gave a talk about the uncertainties of science, referencing the work of paleontologist Jack Horner. Horner, he explained, questioned the view that tyrannosaurs were predators, feeling that due to the architecture of their arms and their highly developed olfactory glands that they might well have been scavengers. It was a pretty good talk until that point.

He went on to say that one of Jack’s graduate students detected the presence of heme in a bone, which G.T. maintained meant that the bone was less than 2 million years old, rather than 65 million years old. I had been listening very closely and I emailed my understanding of what had been said to Jack. Jack was furious of what he said was a blatant distortion of his work.

G.T. never struck me as either stupid or crazy, so I find myself at a complete loss to explain this. I don’t believe he is lying. I do find it simply impossible to believe that either he or Steve Kern or any of these people can possibly believe this nonsense. There is simply nothing to support this view.

—Mack Paul

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