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Thick as a brick

Thomas L. Furlong September 20th, 2011

The University of Oklahoma is planning a $75 million building to house 380 students; that’s almost $200,000 per student!

MAPS 3 provided a spectacular new John Marshall High School building and an equally impressive new U.S. Grant High School building, but one school had news-making student discipline problems when it opened and the other school had teacher problems. Millions of MAPS money is being spent on the Classen School of Advanced Studies building, a national top-10 high school, with the end result that it will serve fewer, not more, students.

Bricks and mortar never educated anyone, but we just keep building anyway! How pathetic.

—Thomas L. Furlong
Oklahoma City

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09.21.2011 at 03:49 Reply

$200,000 per student?  Your math is off.  That $75mil Sooner Center building will house 380 students PER YEAR.

If we allow 40 years of use (the current dorms are older, and are still open), that's $5000 per student per year, or about $400 a month, which is standard rent.  Also, retail stores will be open on the first floor, and they too will pay rent.


09.22.2011 at 06:59 Reply

Yes Mr. Furlong you are absolutely correct.  They're going to blow 75 million on a building, use it for a period of 1 year, demo it, and start over again.  Do you see a part of that equation that you overlooked?

Ironic that you would blast public education for being such a failure, when here you are proving that you might actually be right!