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Oral argument

Frank Riddick October 5th, 2011

Randy Potts’ hermeneutic (Life, Greg Horton, “Walk this way,” Sept. 21, Gazette) would have to admit that murder has no conflict with Christianity.

The same law that condemns the eating of shellfish and the wearing of blended fabric also says that murder is wrong.

While the letters of the New Testament are full of admonitions for avoiding sexual sin (i.e., sex outside of marriage — that clearly between a man and a woman), there is hardly any mention of the taking of someone’s life. Yet, I doubt that Potts thinks that murder should be a part of the life of a Christian.

Based on how this grandson of Oral Roberts reads the Bible, I don’t see how he could argue contra murder while remaining pro homosexuality without contradicting himself.

—Frank Riddick

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10.05.2011 at 01:52 Reply

Just because you disagree with how someone else interprets the Bible doesn't mean you have to be a tool about it.  After all, just because Mr. Potts feels Christianity and Homosexuality can co-exist doesn't mean he’s trying to make you see it his way.

I'm not sure if you're aware of this or not, but religious beliefs do not supersede the laws created by man.  That's why that anti-Sharia law was so stupid.  Meaning even if he believed in murder, he's still suffer the same punishment here on earth as anyone else.

It's just more religious types trying to say one is holier than the other.  I'm pretty sure no one wins in a religious pissing contest.  This is less of an Oral Argument and more of an Anal one.  

You feel good about yourself?  Bashing someone for having faith?