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It takes all kinds

Gazette staff October 19th, 2011

Bored? Tired of being human?

One word: furries. Yes, ladies and gentlefolk, the furries are descending on Oklahoma like … well, like a bunch of people dressed in animal costumes.

Oklacon is an annual convention of furries: people who enjoy “anthropomorphics,” that is, animals with human characteristics, such as Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse, Crash Bandicoot, etc., and often enjoy dressing up, creating works of art and writing fan fiction about the animals.

Oh yeah, and many of their detractors enjoy bringing up how some furries enjoy — ahem — more intimate in-character explorations.

So, there’s that. Anyway, Oklacon is scheduled for Thursday through Saturday at Roman Nose State Park. The event includes painting activities, writing workshops, scavenger hunts and a host of other events. The event is being put on by Fuzzy Productions, LLC.

We should note that minors and pets are allowed to attend, and the event prohibits any inappropriate attire or public displays of affection.

Unfortunately, the code of conduct for the event prohibits weapons of any kind, including, but not limited to pocket knives, mace, fireworks, “explosives, morningstars, +1 greatswords, battleaxes, nunchuks, vials of acid, falchions, scythes, big sticks with nails, car batteries with nipple clamps, machetes, light sabers, and The Force.”

What?!?! You mean we can’t bring in our falchions, upon which we swore a blood oath never to remove from our sides unless it is to draw blood?

That’s it: roll initiative.

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