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Halloween Parade

Zombie Walk OKC

Gazette staff October 26th, 2011

An outbreak is scheduled at Gazette’s Halloween Parade on Saturday. Be on the lookout for a group of the walking dead, operating under the collective name of Zombie Walk OKC.

We’d say that you’ve been warned, but hey: These guys and gals are pros.

“I think I’m up to helping organize about seven or eight zombie events now,” said Ron Butler, who organizes Zombie Walk OKC with Brie Jepsen. “Brie organized the group in the first  parade about the same time I was starting to help consolidate Central Oklahoma’s scattered zombie population.”

They’ve been rounding up the dead ever since. Butler hopes to have between 300 and 500 zombies in this weekend’s parade.

“I’m sure we have more than enough zombie fans around the metro to make it happen, and we need to bring them together to prove that Oklahoma can form a world-class swarm,” said Butler, who’ll be wandering around as Zombie Willie Nelson. “A few zombies limping down the street are going to get your attention, but it’s the terrifying horde filling the street as far as you can see and making all kinds of noise that’s really breathtaking. Then add in the crazy outfits … and we should have something surreal and entertaining on a scale that’s almost overwhelming.”

He said zombie walks have increased in popularity in the past few years simply because they’re fun.

“It’s a fantastic creative outlet where anyone can take the same simple scenario of bodies refusing to stay dead,” Butler said, “and go in innumerable directions with it.”

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