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True blue friends

Gazette staff November 16th, 2011

Do you really know the person beside you in the pharmacy checkout? And by “know,” we mean, “Could you pick them out of a lineup later if necessary?”

According to Tulsa’s Fox 23, the drug world is doing a different kind of recruiting these days. Pseudoephedrine, one ingredient used to make meth, has been moved behind pharmacy counters to prevent those with a meth record from purchasing it.

Cue the “smurfs.” No, not the little blue cartoons: the people who are paid up to 10 times the purchase price to get the goods.

Every pseudoephedrine purchase shows up in the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs database, according to a Fox 23 news report. Think that’s excessive? Given that more than 383 meth labs have been busted this year by Tulsa Police, it might be just what the doctor ordered.

So, what is pseudoephedrine?

If you’re pollen- or danderintolerant, then you know it’s for a bit of nasal decongestion. It’s now that much more uncomfortable, while in your allergen-induced cloud, to acquire the meds you need. Thanks a lot, meth heads. This is why we can’t have nice things.

If you’re an allergy sufferer who purchases the nasal decongestant once in a while, you’ll be fine. If you’re a “smurf,” you might want to rethink the extra income before you face time in prison or all your teeth fall out.

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11.21.2011 at 01:32 Reply

You think that's bad?

I went to the doctor on Nov 16th, and got a script for a drug I've been taking for several months now.  I dropped the script off on the 16th, I was in the area on the 18th so I popped in to see if they filled it.  Apparently the last time I bought the med was on the 27th of last month, and since it's a controlled substance they refused to let me have my prescription.  They said I could have it by the 24th, which technically is fine because I still have about 8 pills left.  But if these people are going to make me feel like a criminal because I'm picking up a valid prescription, then I'm just going to stop taking my medication.  

I suppose I should be grateful it’s not heart medication, or a psychotropic required to keep me from hurting people.  But it makes you wonder what will happen when people become so resentful of being made to feel like a criminal that they stop taking their meds and succumb to their condition.

In case anyone is curious, that was the CVS pharmacy at 50th and May.  And they can keep that prescription on their shelf until the pills go stale, I won’t be picking it up.  I suppose it’s not all bad, not buying that med will save me about $36 a month. 

Though when I tell my doctor that I am no longer taking that medication, he’s going to try and press me to start taking a much more expensive medication which he prescribes for an off label use.  And I’m left wondering if he’ll continue to work with me when I refuse to take that medication; not just because it’s expensive, but because I think he gets kickbacks from big pharma for trying to move it.  I mean, how does one politely tell their doctor that you think they’re doing something unethical?  Of course I’d also like to know why his brand new 5,500 sq ft house is listed on the Oklahoma Tax Assessors office as being valued at $180,000.  But I guess that’s one of those tax cheats that only the rich get to know about.