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Infantile argument

Gazette staff November 23rd, 2011

According to the Tulsa World, a Tulsa accountant is hoping to end abortion in Oklahoma in his spare time.

Dan Skerbitz, co-founder and director of Personhood Oklahoma, is seeking 150,000 signatures for an initiative petition so Oklahomans can vote to amend the constitution to state that life begins at fertilization.

He may be facing an uphill battle, however; in Colorado and Mississippi, similar measures were blocked, like sperm by a heavy-duty diaphragm.

Skerbitz told the World that the goal is to challenge Roe v. Wade, and while he said the measure wouldn’t ban contraception that prevents fertilization, it doesn’t provide exceptions in the case of rape or incest.

“It is our position that the child is to be a protected person, regardless of the fact that the child’s father was a criminal,” Skerbitz said. “We believe criminals should be punished and not innocent children.”

Not all think the measure will be added to the constitution, however.

“The important thing here is that this isn’t a well-supported, mainstream movement,” Jordan Goldberg, Center for Reproductive Rights state advocacy counsel, told the Tulsa World. “This is a really small group of people trying to impose their own personal belief about when life begins on a particular state.”

Last legislative session, Rep. Steve Vaughan, R-Ponca City, carried a bill that stated life begins at conception, and while the measure overwhelmingly passed the House, it didn’t get a hearing in the Senate, according to the World.

Vaughan told the paper that the bill is more of a philosophical statement and would not prevent abortion.

“The bottom line is that I think the people of Oklahoma believe life starts at conception — that this is a person and the rights of that individual as a person need to be protected,” Vaughan said.

While we here at Chicken- Fried News aren’t ready to run out and invest heavily in steel wire, it is sort of surprising that in the rush to prove who is more “pro-life,” we haven’t seen a candidate publicly touting the theory that life begins at erection … yet.

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11.23.2011 at 10:00 Reply

World Population in 1900 = 1.5 Billion.

World Population in 2011 = 7 Billion.

Yes, we absolutely should do everything in our power to save these unborn babies from not getting to experince a hardship ridden life which will eventually involve poverty, starvation, limited education opportunities, and no affordable healthcare.  After all, they should be made to suffer like the rest of us.  

Let me see here, these people wouldn't be the same ones who want to deny benefits to everyone receiving state or federal assistance, would they?

Perhaps then they'd care to elaborate on who's going to pay to care for all the children that so many will be forced to have because of they are allowed to make these life altering decisions for everyone, while having zero accountability for the results of those decisions.  They should really turn their eyes to Somalia and see what happens when unchecked procreation runs into resource shortages.

These are the same idiots that actually believe that people willing have abortions for fun.  I'm not sure what pool of dumbass they all drink out of, but there isn't a single pro-choice person on the planet who thinks like that. 

Seriously, Stop the train, I want to get off!