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Save Elmo!

Stephen N. Kennedy November 30th, 2011

Regarding “Death to Elmo?” (News, Clifton Adcock, Nov. 16, Gazette), OETA shows documentaries on chimpanzees and gorillas, but I have yet to see a show on OETA about evolution.

I wish Rep. Charles Ortega, R-Altus, and Rep. Sally Kern, R-Oklahoma City, would add OETA to the list of possible charities to be deducted from our state income tax refund checks if we so choose. Voluntary contributions from income tax refund checks would increase funding for OETA, but state funding should remain the same.

Our children need “Sesame Street.”

—Stephen N. Kennedy
Oklahoma City

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11.30.2011 at 06:31 Reply

We must not forget the reason that government is being made to cut funding to Public Television and Radio, it's because it's considered to be part of a liberal media cabal and by cutting funding those on the Right think a large chunk of their problems will go away.  More power to them I guess. 

Personally I listen to NPR because I consider it a non-biased media.  But one party's attempt to cut funding to these public broadcasting agencies they are probably more apt to cause those agencies to become partisan and maligned against them.  So the effect they are going for could completely backfire on them.

Dare I even point out that the amount contributed to public broadcasting on the federal level is extremely neglegable when compared to the amount we spend on waging war.  It certainly makes one wonder what would happen if we took what we spend on defense and channeled it into Education.  Heaven forbid we spend tax money educating tax payers who would use their education to aquire well paying jobs, and thus become better tax payers themselves.  But by all means, let's keep dumping money into the bottemless pit that is futile and bloody engagements.

Certainly we have become a nation of jacked up priorities.


12.01.2011 at 04:11 Reply

OETA has aired  shows on evolution.  In particular watch Nova and other PBS science shows.   Sadly they once aired the intelligent-design creationist "Unlocking the Mysteries of Life" which was not from PBS.