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Letters to the Editor

In God's name

Carl Owen III December 7th, 2011

I watched with interest the debates during the Oklahoma City Council meeting concerning extending legal protection to gay and lesbian city employees.

What struck me as jaw-dropping was hearing ministers writing checks in God’s name.

Not only is it presumptuous, but futile, as I suspect God will let them bounce.

Maybe their actions, rather than “liberal Hollywood,” is the real reason why the number of people identifying themselves as Christian is in a steep decline.

—Carl Owen III

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12.07.2011 at 07:03 Reply

I know I couldn't justify being identified with these hate groups.  That's why I abandoned them years ago.

What strikes me as odd is that God being this all powerful being is apparently unable to speak for himself.  Something about that doesn't jive with me.  Or perhaps he is speaking for himself through his silence.  Unfortunately, considering such things would involve getting out of bed and putting more thought into your existence than simply asking "who am I going to hate today?"