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Bad move, Oklahoma City Council

Steve Kern December 7th, 2011

As a pastor, Bible teacher and student of history, I would like to say to the City Council, your vote to add “sexual orientation” to the nondiscrimination list was a bad move.

I would also like to say to Councilman Ed Shadid, in response to his remarks that they will be judged later: Sir, according to God’s word, you have already been judged by the vote you cast.

There was no need for this vote. If there is any group in this city or our nation that no longer has to fear discrimination, it is the LGBT community. It is just another move toward their goal to become a special class of citizens forcing the rest of us to embrace their lifestyle against our own conscience.

This was a move by Shadid to reward many of his constituents that support him faithfully. I commend the two councilmen who voted against this unnecessary and very controversial change in policy.

—Rev. Steve Kern
Oklahoma City

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12.07.2011 at 07:17 Reply

I imgaine Mr. Shadid is about as doomed to hell as you are at this point.  You sir continually violate the good name of Christ with every ounce of hate you spew.  And by your logic, your own gay child deserves to be denied employment based solely on whom they choose to sleep with.  It's sounds stupid to hear, and yet, this is the hatred you preach.  I would never allow my child to attend a Christian school that deems such inequities as being in-line with the teachings of Jesus Christ.  I suggest you read the book of Matthew, since it appears you never read it to begin with.

I also find it amazingly ironic that you state this is "just another move toward their goal to become a special class of citizens forcing the rest of us to embrace their lifestyle."  It's ironic because clearly you are attempting to force the rest of us to embrace your "lifestyle."  Problem is, your lifestyle is a religion, and religion is forbidden from dictating law.  You'd do well to remember that.

So once again I feel apt to remind you, WE DO NOT LIVE IN A THEOCRACY!