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Gazette staff December 14th, 2011

Hey, remember the time that dreamy-eyed, blonde-haired trio of brothers from Tulsa recorded a landmark pop song that charted No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and earned a couple of Grammy nominations?

Well it appears that Hanson’s “MMMBop” gravy train is still rollin’ on down the tracks, as youngest sibling Zac (now 26, with two kiddos of his own) recently announced a forthcoming business venture that’s likely to make fans out of what’s likely the stingiest anti-Hanson niche in the market: old dudes.

“It’s vital our fans have trust in everything Hanson do,” Zac told the Daily Express last week, during a trip to Oxford. “We are soon going to be selling our own beer. I’m not joking — MMMhop [India pale ale] anyone?”

Well, there you have it:

MMMHop IPA. Pound a couple of those the next time you play the Gary England Drinking Game and you might just become history’s greatest Oklahoma hipster.

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12.14.2011 at 08:20 Reply

Seems the best thing any performer can do is realize that their popularity is temporary and make appropriate investments to replace those limited cash streams.  Diddy has a clothing line, and Dr. Dre sells REALLY expensive headphones.

This story seems to make light of these kids... er. Guys, but unless they want to end up broke like so many other once popular performers, this is one of the smartest things they could do.  Unless they want to end up like Gary Coleman.