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Enough, already!

Tom Furlong December 28th, 2011

The Dems see a single woman with a baby and give her a government stipend.

She births another child and the stipend is increased. The incentive is to run the father out of the home and have more babies! This is why illegitimacy is at 70 percent in the black community, and it’s why this culture produces people who are the least employable and more likely to be incarcerated.

Kate Richey (Commentary, “Race and joblessness,” Dec. 7, Gazette) wants to invest in economic development strategies. We ruined the Indians 200 years ago with government largess and the blacks since Lyndon Johnson in 1964. Studies show blacks had more upward mobility from the end of World War II to 1964 than from 1964 to the present. We’ve hurt these people enough with government money. Leave them alone!

Tom Furlong
Oklahoma City

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12.29.2011 at 10:39 Reply

I'm blown away by how lacking Tom Furlong’s logic is.  It’s not just in this letter, but everything he writes is hateful “Christian” conservative tripe (which isn’t Christian at all).  Frankly, it boggles the mind that in the land of the free there are those so Hell bent on oppression.

Anyone with even a dash of common sense will tell you there are certainly welfare abuses, but his implication that welfare has sculpted the home life of the back community is pathetically shortsighted.  (See my response to Race and Joblessness for just a sample of things Tom should have considered before writing this

Mr. Furlong is clearly one of those people who’ll tell a pregnant woman who is unable to support themselves and a child that they’re going to hell for wanting to get an abortion.
   While in the same breath he’ll say she has no right to state assistance after she has the child she knew she couldn’t afford in the first place.  You cannot be against abortion, but for depriving children of food, clothing, healthcare, and childcare.  Tom would do well to register the statistics in Freakanomics that correlate the sudden drop in crime in the late 80’s and early 90’s with the Roe V. Wade ruling that occurred approximately 20 years prior.

I am continually perplexed by this idea that it’s wrong to terminate a pregnancy within the legal limits, but that it’s perfectly fine to allow situations in which a child will be deprived of necessities.
  And while Tom begins his argument by saying it’s the Dems (sic) that ensure a single mother is given government assistance, but what does he suggest?  His arrogant tirade goes on to say that our government has done a great disservice to Native American’s and Blacks by providing welfare.  His only suggestion is to cut the cord, and let them live in complete and utter poverty.  Bear in mind that’s the ONLY thing he has to offer as a solution.  So clearly he’s really thought this out.

I wonder then, did he contemplate how many people whom once denied welfare services will turn to crime.
  I’m sure in his mind they’ll go back to their street corner and be fine to subsist on a diet of ramen noodles and fresh air.  The more likely outcome is that more of these people will turn to crime.  They will increasingly burden our justice system, and eventually end up in jail, where the average cost of maintaining an inmate is more then twice that of welfare.  And, they get free healthcare, all paid for by intelligent taxpayers like Mr. Furlong who took the time to trivialize something that he doesn’t fully research.

The problem here is Tom’s age. is a great tool; utilizing the bits of public information on that site, you can determine that he was born in 1943, which as unspecific as that is, means he’s 68-69 years of age.  So Tom knows what it was like back in the days of segregation, and he could call a black person the “N” word without getting his face beat in.  Given the tone of his letter seemingly targeting black households, I can only imagine he looks back on such times with much nostalgia.  He probably really misses those days where those pesky coloreds (sarcasm) weren’t allowed to vote, and henceforth ensured that a white guy ran the country.  Sorry, Tom, but this isn’t post 1955, and you’d be doing yourself a service by figuring out what decade you’re actually living in.  I wonder what anti-feminist tone your rants would have taken had Hillary won.

I’m not going to mince words here; Tom is a racist, plain and simple.
  If he’s got a problem with the lack of oversight in the welfare system, he’d be doing a service by addressing it here.  But by specifically taking aim at minorities, he fully exposes his personal motivations, and loses all credibility in the process.  Although, it might arouse him to know that I have a brother-in-law whom in his time of need required such services, and more recently has begun to repeat the same mantra that people using these services are the problem.  So maybe the echo chamber of hate that Tom and his ilk keep promoting is paying off since they’ve actually managed convince people whom have benefited from such services to march to the same drum.  On a similar note, perhaps Tom would care to explain why one of my Uber-Republican co-workers hustled to buy a house in time to get Obama’s $8,000 home buyer’s tax credit, and yet spends his free time bashing the POTUS and the government that he exploited when the opportunity presented itself.  

You cannot sit here and accuse the poor of being opportunistic, when it can be equally proven (especially recently) that there are middle and upper class people who will exploit the government at every turn.
  What’s pathetic is how you so blatantly try to make this a problem caused by Democrats, which you imply causes Blacks to become lazy baby making machines.  

Ironically, when I mentally picture welfare cases, I picture white people who live in trailers, procreate for all the reasons you describe, have car parts on their lawn and more guns than brains.
  That too is an unfair stereotype, but it’s shaped by what I was exposed to when growing up in rural Pennsylvania.  The difference between you and me is that I have the common sense to realize when I am applying my own unfair stereotypes to a situation, and learn from it.

If you want to assume the risk of removing the welfare and other related social services from the economy, I can tell you it will affect retail sales, apartment vacancies, increase crime, and require more police, additional jails, and ultimately more money in the long term from taxpayers.
  Pick your poison Tom!

For all of Tom’s Opinion Craziness, click here.

Here’s an awesome book review by Mr. Furlong.
I’m actually disappointed that this is your only book review.  But no surprises that it’s to a book on Christianity.  Why not surprise me, and read something on existentialism or perhaps the nature of the universe.  Because I tell you what, the intricate complexities of the universe does wonders for one’s belief in God, but at the same time it sure makes any Earthly religions seem trite and shallow.

Here he is ripping Al Gore a new one!
I might agree with you here, but your argument implies that you are not guilty of not practicing what you preach.  Everyone is a hypocrite, only those who choose to be aware of it will ever learn from it.

Here he is voicing his opinion at the Daily Oklahoman.
With regard to his comment, my question would be; where in the Constitution does it guarantee police and fire services?  I missed the comment to which he was referring to, but I’m thinking Mr. Furlong probably didn’t attend a private school, so one is left wondering how he became blessed with such a wealth of knowledge if it weren’t for those damn socialist public schools?  

By the way, I love your line “When governments tinker with capitalism, the citizenry always suffers.”
  I love this because it’s remarkably ignorant of the corruption that caused the Great Depression.  The very reason that the Glass-Steagall Act (banking regulation) was passed and which kept our country out of major economic collapse until it was undone by the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act in 1999 which paved the way for the return of corruption in the banking industry (i.e. credit default swaps, AIG, Bank of America, TOO BIG TO FAIL).  You’d think that someone of your age would have some knowledge of these things.  But I imagine you didn’t want to mention Glass-Steagall because its authors were Democrats, and the authors of Gramm-Leach-Bliley were all Republicans.  If it makes you feel better, you can blame Clinton for passing the latter of the two.

Anyway, I draw the line at telling people where Tom lives, but if any of the Gazette’s Black Welfare receiving readers want to know where he’s at, one assumes they know how to use Google.
  Which they can use freely and those damn socialist Libraries.  I blame Ben Franklin for that.  Though, it is thought provoking that the man who is credited with creating such Socialist things like Fire Departments and Libraries is on the $100 bill.  If socialism is such a bad thing you’d think he wouldn’t be on any currency, or at the very least, he’d be on the Penny, and Honest Abe would be on the $100 Bill.  Moreover, we apparently loved that socialist so much that despite never being a U.S. President we put his mug on the largest U.S. denomination sans the rare and no longer printed $1000 Bill.  Oh, and he had an illegitimate son, why isn’t Mr. Furlong protesting the abomination that was Ben Franklin?

I gotta stop, this is getting hysterical!



12.29.2011 at 02:16 Reply

Wow. There are two possibilites. Either Furlong thinks that black woman are stupid or he he thinks that welfare pays far, far in excess than it really does.  And to accuse the American government of two hundred years of generocity towards Indians is purplexing to say the least.