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Oil vey!

Gazette staff January 25th, 2012

It’s not as if President Obama and Oklahoma’s Republican lawmakers have been exactly chummy, but the White House’s rejection of a proposed oil pipeline connecting Canada to Texas has state politicians forgetting everything they might have learned in Anger Management 101.

The would-be Keystone XL pipeline would mean an estimated 1,200 jobs in Oklahoma. Obama’s decision, hailed by environmentalists and condemned by the oil industry, had state leaders vying to see who could crank out the most pissed-off reaction.

“I am outraged by President Obama’s obstructionism, poor judgment and lack of regard,” fumed Gov. Mary Fallin.

“Pandering to far-left environmentalists might please the president’s friends at,” said state Senate President Pro Tem Brian Bingman, “but it won’t help relieve the glut of crude oil in Cushing, won’t create jobs for Oklahomans, and certainly won’t make America’s energy future secure.”

U.S. Rep. Tom Cole called the decision “indefensible,” while Rep. James Lankford went for “laughable.”

With winter upon us, Chicken-Fried News must admit we’re thankful that at least the rhetoric these days is overheated.

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01.25.2012 at 02:46 Reply

"America's energy future secure"?

Anyone care to explain how pursuing a limited resource constitutes securing our energy future?

Allow me to go out on a limb here and make the same presumption that republicans make; climate change is a myth.


But why do we act as though we are not causing climate change?
  Tthe scary fact is, if that assumption is wrong, 50-100 years from now will be too late to repair the damage.  So wouldn't the cautious approach be the more logical one.  Shouldn't we begin weaning ourselves off petroleum now, on the off chance that burning fossil fuels might actually cause climate change?

We must all conclude that fossil fuels cannot be an unending resource.
  Why then are we not preparing for the day those fuels are gone by building a renewable infrastructure?  Also, why aren't we at least trying to get to a point where we don't need fossil fuels to power our vehicles?  Because there are millions of products that require oil, if we tap this resource by utilizing transportation, we'll be forced to try and make those products from less durable plant based alternatives.  The problem will become even more compounded by the fact that most pesticides have a petroleum base, without oil, we will not be able to grow as many crops, which will cause starvation, and without mass crops, we will not be able to extract plant oils to make plastics.

Again, why are we not forging ahead with the pursuit of renewable energy?
  A nuclear power plant costs 5-15 Billion depending on it's size.  If we spent that money on the construction of residential wind turbines (VAWT's) and solar arrays we can better wean ourselves off this limited resource.  Not to mention that it would remove or lessen the possibility of a terrorist attack on a power plant, and since many people would have power being generated on their properties, it would reduce strain on the whole grid which would decrease the likelihood of blackouts like the one experienced in the north east in 2003.  This plan can be carried out by the utility, which would offer slightly discounted power in return for leasing the homeowner's roof space or land.

Ignore climate change if it pleases you.
  But it is imperative that we have non-polluting sources of energy in the future.  If climate change turns out to actually be a myth, who cares, if it motivated this pursuit of energy?  We'll be better for it in the future.  Not to mention that when (not if) we are unable to meet our own energy demands we become slaves to foreign interests (more so).  Since most of our fuel comes from other countries, we are no longer talking about energy policy; we're talking about economic policy, and homeland security.  Do these things not concern you?  Do you take pride in knowing that the United States is incapable of energy independence?  Do you enjoy pumping gas derived from oil fields in countries which are resistant to western civilization?  Imagine if all the oil producing countries in the Middle East decided they are no longer going to supply us with Oil.  Since we have no renewable infrastructure we would be forced to go to war over it.  And how would that be right, it's their oil, it's their right to keep it for themselves.  If the tables were turned, I can see how we would either hoard this resource or price gouge.  And that's another thing that's happening.  If we can diversify in energy, it becomes harder to be abused because of the need for just one source of energy.

Unfortunately being abused because we’re hooked on petroleum is the point of the XL pipeline.
  So long as we have a limited exploitable resource, the powers that be will never pursue a renewable one.  The worst part about that mentality isn’t the profit they intend to make; it’s that refusing to build renewable installations and make improvements to our electric infrastructure is only going to guarantee a sterner wake up call when we’re sipping dry wells.  People forget that the infrastructure of the petroleum industry has been built and modernized over the course of more than 100 years.  Doing so, they turn a blind eye to the fact that you cannot change energy sources without having an equally impressive infrastructure.  And that will not happen over night.

If you want the pipeline so badly, put a Republican in the White House, and it’ll happen.
  Hell, I bet a good Republican will even find a way for the government to pick of the tab.  Just don’t be trying to blame Obama when the damn thing leaks.  You people want to cry about the debt we leave our children but don’t give a rat’s ass about the planet you’re leaving them.  I might be a “tree hugger” but at least I try to lesson my impact on this fragile world, you’re all about getting the most of everything before you die.  Let me know how your earthly wealth benefits you in the next life.

By the way, if global warming is a myth, why is it 60 degree in January?
  If you still believe it’s a myth and just part of a natural cycle, why aren’t you trying to build desalinization plants and pipelines to move water to what is becoming America’s Drought Basket?

P.S. If you think that the Keystone XL oil would stay in this country you’re an idiot.
  That oil will go to whatever sucker is willing to pay the most for it.  Do you (Republican’s) WANT to be that sucker?