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The not-so-soft bulletin

Gazette staff January 25th, 2012

While Oklahoma City’s own Flaming Lips made some headlines last fall by releasing a 24-hour-long song, the current issue of Wired magazine isn’t so impressed — even if the track was released, in part, inside an actual human skull.

“Try one that lasts 1,000 years,” wrote Becky Ferreira in the article, “The Slowest Songs in the World,” in which she noted that the Lips’ “7 Skies H3” is “a mere heartbeat compared to John Cage’s ‘Organ2/ ASLSP’ … which takes 639 years to perform, or Jem Finer’s ‘Longplayer’ (1,000 years long)!” “And finally,” she wrote, “there’s Mel’s ‘Olitsky,’ which tops out at 1,648,171 years, 7 weeks, 2 days, 10 hours, 23 minutes, and 33 seconds.”

Ferreira compared the Lips’ song to the “end of an acid trip,” and described their technique thusly: “The band just … plays the song.”

(Ellipses hers. Ouch!)

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