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A new juice joint brings tassels and fan dances to Bricktown.

Jenn Scott January 31st, 2012

The ragtime piano number bounces off the ceiling and gets caught in the plush curtains before it has a chance to echo. All the while your old fashioned warms its way into your belly. The music cues, curtains open and a cheeky dancer onstage begins to shimmy.

This is now a typical night in Bricktown, thanks to Dollhouse Lounge & Burlesque, 210 E. Sheridan.

“The downtown area is the most thriving and growing area of Oklahoma City. It is a location convenient for tourists and locals,” said Marilyn Artus, Dollhouse public relations consultant, about choosing a Bricktown site for the nonsmoking club. “We hope to be a place where you can bring someone from out of town to enjoy live entertainment and be the go-to location when you want to take a date for a unique and fun night out.”

Last Friday marked the opening of Dollhouse, a 1920s-themed burlesque club. Styled after the age of flappers and speakeasies, the cocktail menu and decor follow suit.

“It’s something different. You can get dressed up and have dinner and watch a show. Everything is designed after [the ’20s] era: stage, lights and dancers,” said Joel Buffington, Dollhouse consultant.

On the menu — aside from the actual show — is a selection of light items from French Bull Catering.

Traditional burlesque shows, complete with jazz quartet, run from the early part of the night until 11 p.m., when a DJ takes over to turn things into a modern cabaret showcasing less-traditional burlesque dancers.

The posh hub isn’t just for men, however. Artus said burlesque has a rich history fraught with expressionism in the realm of sexuality and women’s liberation.

“In the past, [burlesque] was often something men went to go see with other men,” she said. “But now the crowds are equal men and women. [The performers] see [burlesque] as a way they can express and enjoy their sexuality in a positive way. Dollhouse is going to present dance in a positive, elegant, sexy and whimsical celebration of this art form.”

For more information, call 455- 3655 or visit dollhouseokc.com.

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02.18.2012 at 02:22 Reply

my wife and I went to brick town dressed for a concert that there was a mix up on the date on the tickets for the concert. we walked pass the Doll House Burlesque Club. wondering what this place was about. We walk in the club It was not open yet. the show did not start till 8:00pm the gentlemen at the door said we could come back at 8:00 when the club opened for their opening night. never said a word about a strict dress code (AKA no jeans) trust me we were not dressed like bums or had holy jeans on. When the club opened the door we were told we could not enter their club because of their strict dress code. yet another couple behind us in line wearing jeans but yet had Oklahoma Thunder apparel on were allowed in. Also this doorman enforcing their strict dress code was wearing a black dress shirt ( John Gotti ) want-a-be look. I would like to give you all a review of the show. But my wife and I were not worthy of entering their club wearing Tony lama shark skin boots wrangler jeans dress shirt levi jacket. My wife was wearing Justin roper boots wrangler designer jeans dress shirt and levi jacket. Funny we did not get turned at Micky Mantle's door that night or other places in brick town. My motto you turn me away at your door I won't go back no more. P.S. if your going to have a strict dress code post it at your door.         William