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Vietnamese comfort food

I’ve always had a love affair with the refreshing, healthy cuisine of Vietnam. I love the fragrances, the fresh herbs, cilantro, basil, mint and other Asian herbs: perilla, Vietnamese coriander and sawtooth cilantro. And I love the contrast and balance in almost every dish: spicy vs. cool, salty vs. sweet and steamed vs. crispy.
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Hill tops

Northwest Classen High School has produced an impressive list of alumni over the years, including current Sonic president and CEO Cliff Hudson, former Oklahoma City Mayor Ron Norick, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Bill Hill, a 1969 alumnus, left Oklahoma after graduating from the University of Oklahoma and has been instrumental in the development of some of California’s super premium vineyards and wines.
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Top of the city

With Josh Valentine running the kitchen at The George, the anticipated opening of the restaurant atop Founders Tower has been worth the wait.
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New kids on the block

There are a wealth of new local eateries cropping up in the metro and even more coming. If they’re not on your radar, they should be. From the comfy atmosphere at The Barrel on Western Avenue to the laid-back vibe at the Plaza District’s coffee shop, you might find a new regular hangout.

— by Devon Green, photos by Mark Hancock and Shannon Cornman

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Ah, the perils of working with special dietary needs. It can make dining out a pain. Luckily, with restaurateurs becoming more savvy to their diners’ needs, there are a bevy of places in OKC to satisfy your craving for the foods you love without losing taste. All choices this week have been road-tested by gluten-sensitive foodies to guarantee satisfaction.
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OKG eat: Know your rights

What better way to celebrate your freedom than grilling it to perfection over an open flame? We’ve combed local meat markets for the best ingredients to make traditional burgers or brisket. Feeling more adventurous? Why not go for lamb or buffalo? Whatever your heart desires, local butchers will be more than happy to help you praise hot-off-the grill freedom.
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Restaurant Reviews

Ray's Smokehouse BBQ

A Norman barbecue favorite smokes the competition.

Ryan Querbach February 15th, 2012

Ray's Smokehouse BBQ
1514 W. Lindsey, Norman

What works: Ray’s has a wide selection of meats and sides, making it the perfect place for any barbecue lover.
What needs work: It’s not a great place for vegetarians, but then again, it is a barbecue joint.
The tip: The family atmosphere and the great food make Ray’s a solid addition to anybody’s favorite barbecue spot.

There are barbecue joints all over Oklahoma, and the same is true in Norman, but Ray’s Smokehouse BBQ brings a good ol’ home-cooking edge.

Former University of Oklahoma football player Darrol Ray opened the restaurant a little more than three years ago, and it’s been cooking up quite a reputation since.

“We’re pretty mom and pop,” said Kendall Ray, Darrol’s daughter. “We’re not a chain concept. Everyone who works here has been here a while. We have a real family atmosphere.”

So I decided to check this spot out, two times for that matter. On my first visit, I brought a friend along for dinner.

At Ray’s, food is ordered at the front, and then brought to you when it’s ready. There are a number of options to choose from, including meat combos and sandwiches.

I went with the three-meat combo ($12.99), which comes with two sides and toast. I chose ribs, hot links and brisket with fried okra and Southern potato salad. The ribs were delicious and cooked to perfection, making it easy to pull the meat from the bone. The sliced brisket also tasted great, and could easily be cut to pieces with a plastic fork. The hot links were nothing out of the ordinary: spicy, juicy and delicious. I topped all of my choices with the hot barbecue sauce, which took the flavor to the next level. These tasty meats were accompanied beautifully by the crispy and flavorful okra and the fresh and well-seasoned potato salad.

My guest went with the Ray’s the Roof sandwich ($6.99), which Kendall Ray classified as their most popular dish. The sandwich combines pulled pork with a hot link, and is accompanied by one side. The pork was soft and juicy, and it melded well with the spicy hot link. Add some of Ray’s hot barbecue sauce and you’ve got quite a concoction. My friend also chose fried okra as his side. We both left satisfied and full.

On my second visit, I went for lunch. Wanting to try a wide array of meats and sides, I again went with the three-meat combo ($12.99). This time I chose smoked pork sausage, pulled pork and a quarter chicken with homemade macaroni and cheese and fries. The pulled pork was still soft and juicy. The sausage was succulent and cooked to perfection.

The chicken was my least favorite, as I think it could’ve used some more flavor, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I again topped everything with the delicious hot barbecue sauce. The mac and cheese was a bit different than the usual, as it seemed to have a mix of melted cheeses rather than a creamy cheese sauce.

Ray’s offers other meats, such as turkey and bologna. In addition, the eatery has plenty more sides to choose from, such as collard greens, corn cobbettes, coleslaw or a fruit medley.

This spot is exactly what the Rays were going for: a cozy family restaurant. Random trinkets adorn the walls, which is pretty standard for such a place. The tables are well-spaced in the decent-sized establishment, and the lighting is far from overbearing. The service was quick; the staff, more than polite.

It’s a good place for a comfortable and satisfying meal, whether you’re alone or with family or friends.

Oklahoma Gazette’s restaurant review policy is to highlight the positive aspects, and include constructive criticism regarding food, ambience or service when appropriate.

Photos by Mark Hancock

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