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Oratory overkill

Gazette staff February 29th, 2012

Is there ever a good time to talk about shooting members of Congress with whom you have differences?

If so, somebody page Oklahoma’s U.S. Rep. John Sullivan when that time arrives. At a Feb. 22 town hall meeting in Bixby, the Tulsa Republican decided to open mouth and insert foot when a constituent asked about the national debt.

Sullivan voiced his support for Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget to curb debt and said he would love to get other lawmakers to pass Ryan’s budget, but … “other than me going over there, pulling a gun out and holding it to their head and maybe killing a couple of them, I don’t think they’re going to listen unless they get beat.”

Of course. It’s the Gabrielle Giffords solution.

The audio was posted by the left-leaning website Talking Points Memo, which contacted the Sullivan camp for a response.

What they got was the standard political non-apology apology. 

“The Congressman offers his sincere apologies to anyone he offended and for using a poor choice of words to make his point — which was that Senate Democrats are refusing to pass a budget or even vote on the 28 House-passed jobs bills,” a Sullivan spokesman told TPM. “Millions of Americans are hurting. The Congressman feels their pain, and does not want his comments to deflect attention away from the serious issues our country faces today, and he certainly does not condone any form of violence as a means to fix what is broken in Washington.”

Hooray for statesmanship!

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