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Read the constitution

Carl Owen March 14th, 2012

Finally, a Republican who speaks the truth. In the article “Drug-testing for dollars” (News, Feb. 29, Oklahoma Gazette), when asked if we test [Temporary Assistance for Needy Families] applicants for drugs, why shouldn’t business owners applying for state incentives be drug tested as well, Republican Rep. Guy Liebmann replied, “If he hired somebody or brought in five more jobs, should we drug test him? He’s done the state a favor, putting them on the payroll and they’re going to pay taxes and use the local shops and eat out and so forth.”

The state now picks winners and losers. If you’re an asset that can be “beneficial” to the state, then you get preferential treatment; a liability, and you’re discriminated against. Free market government at its finest.

Now if you need assistance, your government will automatically disparage your reputation then attempt to deny you services while invading your privacy. You would think all these legislators could read if they can write bills. Apparently all the data showing that not only is drug testing a waste of time, but a clear violation of the U.S. Constitution is written in a language other than English. Maybe all these strict constitutional conservatives have copies that contain only the Second and 10th Amendments?

—Carl Owen

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