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The country’s in trouble

J.A. Gowman March 21st, 2012

In reference to Howard Hendrick’s editorial (“The tipping point for families,” March 7, Oklahoma Gazette), Howard is exactly right — he defines the problem elegantly, but does not cover the cause or the cure. Young people (anywhere in the world) will have sex, regardless of their economic status. When economic times are tough, what he describes is what will happen.

Look back to the 1950s and ’60s.

Then, a young man, 18 years old and recently graduated from high school, could easily find a “good” job at a factory (probably a unionized factory), and make “real” money. He could afford to get married, buy a car, buy a house and probably be able to start a family.

This cannot happen in the U.S. today, except under very rare circumstances. Unions have been essentially broken, jobs have gone to China and other third-world countries. All trade pacts have been bad for the American worker — including recent ones with South Korea, Panama and Colombia.

Most people are unaware that South Korea now has a pact with North Korea, which will allow the ungodly poor starving North Koreans to work in South Korea for almost nothing.

These trade pacts are sponsored by 100 percent of the Republicans and close to 50 percent of the Democrats. The politicians of our country have sold out to Wall Street, K Street and certain ultra-rich people like the famous Koch Brothers.

By hook or by crook, the people must take their country back.

—J.A. Gowman Oklahoma City

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03.21.2012 at 09:29 Reply

I think Apathy is a big problem here.  People want to change things, but feel so hopeless about it that they don't even try.  

It used to be that our politicans aided the majority in their helplessness, and democracy happened.  The change from helping the majority to helping the wealthy minority seemed to happen so gradually that no one noticed they'd become powerless.  Perhaps "neutered" is a better word. 

Now, unless we stop being mindless drones and unilaterally vote out everyone in office, we are only illustrating our acceptance and continued apathy toward our societal problems.  

I know I have personally NO intention of voting for incumbants, and my hope is that millions share that intent.