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He deserves no respect

Dick J. Brooks April 18th, 2012

Hypothetical situation. Say you own a company. It’s $1 million in debt, so you hire a new person to run it. The person you hire has never had a job, done a payroll, knows nothing about your product or service, knows nothing about your clients, knows nothing about policy mandates. When this person takes over, he is responsible for the company from that day forward. Whatever happened in the past to cause the debt situation is gone. He wanted the job and what comes with it, so now after 3.5 years, your company is $4.8 million in debt.

He should be fired. Do you respect a leader who has caused your company major problems?

Do you respect someone who is a liar, thief and fraud?

Do you respect someone who has stolen $4.8 billion from Medicare, and $2.2 trillion from Social Security?

Do you respect someone who doesn’t believe in the Constitution?

Do you respect someone who spends your money at free will, having no conscience in doing so, it’s not his to give?

Do you respect someone who has flown around the world doing nothing but apologize for the U.S.?

I could go on forever. Your president is the worst person I can think of. Why would you support or respect a fraud, a puppet, an empty suit?

—Dick J. Brooks, Edmond

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04.18.2012 at 08:20 Reply

Liar, thief, and a fraud?  Didn't "W" lie about Iraq WMD's this causing an unnecessary war?  He never declared the cost of the wars in his budgets, that sounds like fraud to me.  Didn't juicy government contracts get handed over to Halliburton (not bid on)?  That sounds like a corporate thief to me.

You're going to have elaborate on the missing Medicare and SS money.  Cause the SS fund has been raided prior to this current presidency, and the defunding of some of medicare didn't do anything other than relegate it to other healthcare programs.

Doesn't believe in the constitution?  While I don't care that Obama has continued to extend the illegal practices in the Patriot Act, I feel safe in pointing out that it wouldn't have ever been extended if it didn't exist in the first place.  In which case, I'll have to refer you to George W. Bush.

My money is being used for social programs which help American's.  I am an American, and I want our people to be able to have a minimum standard of existence.  Many would be homeless without government assistance.  For you to imply that's okay would certainly remove you from the model of Christianity that Republican's profess to exhault.  It's not unusual that I no longer identify as Christian when people such as yourself have set the bar so pathetically low.

As for apologizing.  The U.S. has gone about the war on terror all wrong.  We invaded the wrong country, and focused our efforts there instead of where the actual terrorists were.  In the process we killed more than 100,000 Iraqi's, many of which were non-combatants.  To say the U.S. has something to apologize for is an understatement.  You probably are one of those people who think all Muslims are terrorists, and thus can justify such actions.  Well I know a couple of Muslims that wouldn't do anything to you, so I know you cannot judge the whole by the actions of the few?  What we should have done in a post 9-11 world was to fortify our borders so such a thing could not happen again.  Instead we spent 4 Trillion on wars that garnered us no strategic advantage.  Hell, it hasn't even done shit to drive down the cost of gas, if anything it caused the cost of living to rise greatly.

You say you could go on forever about my President, well I doubt that.  Cause after a while, people are call bullshit on you, just like I have.  If I want to talk about a fraud, puppet, and an empty suit, I need not look no further than the previous administration.

I feel compelled to mention that it's extremely ignorant and shortsighted to presume that anyone, including yourself could handle the mess that Obama inherited with any more finesse.  Keep in mind the Dow cratered (approximately 6500) about 2 months after he took office, and today it's practically doubled.  You gauge his failures by the metrics you choose, and I'll gauge his success by the metrics I choose.  I refuse to give you the indignity that Bill O'Reilly would give me by telling me to "Shut Up" when we have conflicting opinions.  Instead I encourage you to keep sharing your opinion, cause at the end of the day, that's all it is; an opinion.


04.18.2012 at 12:32 Reply

"Your president is the worst person I can think of." Mr. Brooks, are you a non-citizen of the USA? Nobody is forcing you to live in the USA. Go back to your country if you dislike living here. If you are a USA-citizen, whether you like/dislike President Obama, he is our President.

When 'your' is used, it is a continuation of bipartisanship. Continued bipartisanship is exactly why the USA is in it's current condition. If we had more 'us' or 'our,' we would probably have a more pleasant society and less discourse............