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Swan song

Gazette staff April 18th, 2012

On April 10, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, the Republican presidential candidate who came closest to catching Mitt Romney in the GOP primary, suspended his campaign.

Brad Gregg

Perhaps Santorum had a secret weapon that helped get him as far as he did: the First Love Band.

Consisting of Tulsa sisters 20-year-old Camille Harris and 18-year-old Haley Harris, the band wrote a song, “Game On,” that not only gave Santorum an endorsement, but a ringing one, at that.

When Santorum heard the tune, he tweeted about it and the YouTube video quickly racked up more than 1 million views. Santorum even gave the girls a shout-out during his concession speech.

Now that Santorum is out of the race, the sisters, home-schooled daughters of a Tulsa pastor, don’t plan on hanging up their microphones and guitars just yet.

“We’re going to support whoever the nominee becomes for the Republican Party. I don’t know if that means writing another song,” Camille told CFN.

“We’re just really bummed about Santorum being out.”

David Harris, the sisters’ father, was also bummed.

“I spent a good portion of the day crying. I was very emotional about this,” David said.

While the Harrises said they will be backing any Republican nominee, they are still hoping for a Romney-Santorum ticket, which might mean a chance to perform at the Republican National Convention in Tampa Bay, Fla.

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04.18.2012 at 07:27 Reply

Santorum will not be missed.  And I'm sure all of his supporters would have been perfectly fine with not being allowed to get the pornography they secretly hide under their bed.  Or perhaps they were only comfortable with a porno ban because their own private porn reserves are already so vast.  But I do wonder how they'll feel when their daughters become rape victims and they would have been legally obligated to bring the rapist's child to term.  

Why is it so easy for men to make decisions about which they will never have to personally suffer from.  More confusing is the moronic women that want to be subserviant trolls to their male counter-parts.  Don't they realize that there is nothing equal about the legislation Santorum (and his party) has proposed?

Perhaps the republican party should start coming up with more realistic names for their anti-women legislations.  Might I suggest;

"Barefoot and Pregnant."

"Get in the kitchen and make ma a sammich."

"Bend over and shut up."

"On your knees $#*&%."

And their personal favorite...

"Whose Your Daddy."