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You call that green?

Tom Furlong April 25th, 2012

“Green Issue,” my ass.

I’ve never seen such a conflicted publication. First, according to core samples at landfills, it’s not disposable diapers, but newspapers (including Oklahoma Gazette) and Yellow Pages taking up all that space. Next Greg Horton sings the praises of a so-called man of God who denigrates the Bible, the basis for the Christian faith.

Then we see the elevation of vegan cuisine followed by celebrations of gyros, burgers, sausages, Cuban sandwiches, and more burgers on pages 34 and 35; not to mention all the gluttonous ads for meat and the exploitation of women, followed by a story about the female experience purporting to benefit womanhood.

It’s hard being a liberal, isn’t it?

—Tom Furlong, Oklahoma City

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04.26.2012 at 07:05 Reply

I'm guessing that you're oblivious to the fact that newspaper can actually be recycled.  

Also, being "liberal" doesn't necessarily make one a vegan or a vegetarian.  Many of us know that we can aquire meat from eco and animal friendly sources.  Ever hear the terms "grass fed, free range. or cage free?"  You can still eat animal products and have a social conscious.  These things are not in conflict as you would have everyone believe.

Frankly, your need to interject that word "liberal" into this comment does nothing more than exhault your own personal bias against liberals.  This in turn invalidates your whole comment.  Maybe next time you should present some level of impartiality if you want us to attempt to care about your opinion.


04.26.2012 at 10:39 Reply

No shit, I was trying to figure out what the bishop article has to do with the green/enviromental theme. And the 'exploitation of women'. The 'elevation of vegan cuisine' sure does. It's hard being a dumbass, isn't it, Tom? 


04.30.2012 at 01:41 Reply

For those not in the know, Tom is a 68 year old shut in.  So insulting "liberals" is really the only thing he's got going for him at this point.  I personally hope he's enjoying his healthcare and pension in his golden years.  No doubt he is unwilling to acknowledge that he wouldn't have any such benefit without F.D.R. or L.B.J.; both were democrats.

You're welcome Tom.