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Rich man, richer man

Gazette staff May 9th, 2012

The man, the myth, the robot, Mitt Romney is scheduled to visit Oklahoma City tonight for a fundraiser.

Brad Gregg

Actually, the event won’t be in OKC, but rather in a municipality known for its working-class ethos and demographic diversity. That’s right, he’s headed to Nichols Hills.

The private fundraiser is scheduled to be at the home of Continental Resources CEO, Romney supporter and all-around billionaire Harold Hamm.

“We invited everybody we knew, but I know a lot of oil folks,” Hamm told The Oklahoman, probably not referring to roughnecks.

“We’re going to have to rake some of the flower beds. We’ll have a good showing for him.”

We’re not sure but, is “rake some flower beds” rich-person talk for hiding the poor folks?

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05.09.2012 at 07:36 Reply

In order to get a head in this world, it's not what you know, it's who you blow.  Hope Mitt brought his chapstick.