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Dumbing down

Martin Morelli May 9th, 2012

Johnson & Johnson’s dental floss now has instructions on the back of its package showing how to properly cut the floss.

Johnson & Johnson’s dental floss now has instructions on the back of its package showing how to properly cut the floss.

This illustrates just how dumbed down a major U.S. company thinks the American public has become.

The preponderance of your pro- Obama letters in the May 2 Oklahoma Gazette also illustrates this point.

—Martin Morelli, Oklahoma City

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05.09.2012 at 07:24 Reply

It always cracks me up when I see a commercial that (in the fine print) says "Dramatization" or "Professional Driver on Closed Course, do not attempt."  I'd say that companies that have to make such disclaimers must really think we're dumb as fuck.  Unfortunately, over the years there have been people who have given them sufficient reason to be cautious.  Like Stella Liebeck, who “spilled” hot coffee on her lap and won a million bucks.  I think those warnings are a lot less about corporations thinking the consumer ignorant, and more about protecting themselves from any form of liability.  Which, as a right winger, I’d think you’d completely support.  After all, you certainly don’t want any poor people to snake their way through a legal system that already so biased towards the wealthy (see Corporate Tax Law).

I am not necessarily sure your reference to a dumbed-down product was anything more than attempt to add a couple paragraphs to an already ignorant point.  The 5 to 1 comment ratio against Dick J. Brooks’ anti-Obama rant is not indicative of anything more than who most often writes this publication.  I have, on multiple occasions, been accosted by completely rhetorical right wing rants from the likes of you.  But at the end of the day, who IS more apt to write a letter to left-leaning publication?  Someone who's views will be greeted with anger, or someone who shares the views of the readership?  This is precisely why people like me don’t waste our time writing to the right-leaning Daily Oklahoman.

Basically, you’re crying about what was a predicable response given the location of the initial assault.  Assuming The Oklahoman would run a letter from the likes of me, I’d expect hundreds of letters of retort to surface against me.  Perhaps a more dumbed-down metaphor would help.  It’s as if Dick J Brooks flew a hijacked plane into the DNC.  Should there be NO retaliation for that?  Careful how you word your response, you may inadvertently betray your love of Bush Doctrine.

I also couldn’t help but notice that you didn’t bother to address any of the issues that those 5 responses brought up.
  I suppose it was just easier to make an incoherent connection between product labels and liberals, as opposed to engage in any form or real discussion.  

That’s what I’ve come to expect from you.


05.09.2012 at 07:55 Reply

i wouldn't say society is dumbed down. i'd say society is more litigious. for example, recently our legislature and governor passed a bill preventing shelter-seekers during a storm from suing the shelter-providers in case the seekers were harmed from the storm while being in the providers' shelter.

i actually see a need for this bill because we have a sue-happy society. why not voluntarily seek shelter, get harmed, and sue my shelter-providers for inadequate shelter? make sense, doesn't it? why not seek monetary compensation from the kindness of strangers? supposedly, a fast food chain inadequately provided a lid on a woman's voluntarily purchased hot cup of coffee. if inadequacy can be legally proved, i've got a legitimate case, don't i? i'm sure there are enough ambulance-chasing attorneys out there willing to take my case.....

unfortunately, that is how society is now. kinda sad, i'd say. we are at a point of nobody taking responsibility for their own voluntary actions....




06.03.2012 at 10:54 Reply

Sir, please keep in mind that the demographic most often conned by scam artists - arguably a sign of "dumbing down" - is none other than the population over 65, the same demographic that votes solidly Republican.