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Glenn levity

Gazette staff June 6th, 2012

Glenn Beck says he “can’t help but tell it like it is.” That’s why he concedes he’s unelectable, but what about unlikable?

Credit: Brad Gregg

We kid, we kid. Beck’s un-electability, however, is the premise behind his live comedy show, which makes a stop Friday at the Civic Center Music Hall (a performing arts venue built and maintained with public funds).

Unelectable is sure to incite the choir.

In a 2009 Salon article, Steve Almond called Beck a “wildly imaginative performer, a man who weds the operatic impulses of the demagogue to the grim mutterings of the conspiracy theorist.”

Sounds irresistible! The Beck brand peddles all mediums: web, social media, radio, video, GBTV, The Blaze magazine, books, and even a clothing line. On his website, you can find Beck-approved services; he recommends you buy gold from Goldline, urges you to protect your identity with LifeLock, and suggests you start a free trial with Carbonite to ensure your computer files are secure. But he’s no fear-monger.

Beck fans will be delighted that Friday’s visit is the first of two productions in the region this summer. He chose Dallas for “Restoring Love,” a one-time “evening of inspiration and entertainment” in late July.

In his promo video, Beck coos for five minutes about the event, which he said, somewhat cryptically, was inspired by a trip to Poland. Can the Cowboys stadium contain all that love, or for that matter, all the tears sure to be shed at the faux-unity lovefest?

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06.06.2012 at 06:35 Reply

I like how you pointed out that he'll be performing at a venue built with those pesky public (socialist) funds.
Now doubt his "restoring love" won't have any kind of political agenda, or ever mention the name Barack Obama with hate or disgust.  Glen is just too good of a person to promote love with hate.  Real salt of the earth type.  Pfffft!