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Father figure

Find a thoughtful gift for your pops!

Jenn Scott June 13th, 2012

My dad really wanted me to be good at sports.

Dorado bag at Kamber's
Mark Hancock

Hell, he just wanted me to be interested in sports.

Unfortunately, I was the furthest thing from sporty. First of all, I was bookish. I wore thick-framed glasses before they were cool, and while I wasn’t terrible at basketball or softball, I chose a path he did not agree with whatsoever: cheerleading.

His competitive nature was at odds with the glitter and pompoms that came with his consent for me to pursue my passions. Much to his disappointment, I made the squad every year.

Although I wasn’t hitting walk-off home runs or game-winning three pointers, I knew he was proud of me. And he still is.

My dad and I don’t have a lot in common besides DNA and love. Because of this, shopping for a Father’s Day gift is a little stressful every year.

Yeah, it’s Sunday.

“Dad, what do you want for [insert holiday here]?” “Ah, I don’t know. Tools?” “Do I look like a girl who knows about tools?” This conversation usually happens about three times a year: Father’s Day, his birthday and Christmas. It generally ends in him laughing at me attempting to purchase tools, getting frustrated, then buying him a gift card.

This year, I decided to dig deeper and find some out-of-the-box ideas.

Kamber’s (7308 N. Western; 840- 2122) has an array of gifts that could work for just about any dad. If your dad travels much, consider getting him a nice carry-on piece by Dorado.

Kamber’s has beautiful, camelcolored leather bags that will be the perfect size for a business trip or short vacation. They’re excellent quality for the price and highly functional.

Kamber’s also has a collection of shave kits, wallets, and wine and bar accessories.

The Beef Jerky Emporium (4405 S.W. Third; 949-9000) is an interesting stop. Personally, dried meat weirds me out a little, but some people are jerky-crazy, my father included.

Grab Dad some Dr Pepper beef jerky or a package of the exotic Wild West alligator jerky. From hot sauces to cuts of meat, this place is a griller’s dream come true. It also carries fruit butters, sauces and all things Cajun.

Your dad doesn’t travel and he’s vegetarian? Got you covered. Vintage Stock & Movie Trading Company (7407 N. May; 843-5480) is an impressive shop that sells video games, movies, comics and other media-related items. Take him shopping or buy him a full season of a show you know he doesn’t have.

Whether you and your dad are two peas in a pod or opposite ends of the spectrum, finding a gift that brings him a little joy is what’s it’s all about.

Let’s shop, OKC!

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