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Dude dispatch

Because fashion isn’t just for the ladies, here’s the scoop on summer shorts, tanks and more for men.

Lance Evans June 13th, 2012

It’s raining men’s fashion! Hallelujah!

Thane Bixler at Shoe Gypsy
Credit: Mark Hancock

This summer, clothing retailers help men tap into their feminine side with fits and colors that lend an androgynous flare.

The shorts are shorter, the tops are more revealing, and the colors are much bolder this season.

Sky-high shorts were a focal point on store mannequins this spring, and they’re back now with higher cuffs and brighter colors.

Let the short be the lead character in your fashion story by accenting it with a simple T-shirt. Gap, 1901 Northwest Expressway at Penn Square Mall, offers the short shorts of the season, cuffs included, with an even shorter price tag.

If the basic tee doesn’t fit your wardrobe, make your top pop with a bold print or color.

“Native American prints are still holding on strong for at least one more summer,” said Jacob Peregrin of Blue Seven, 7518 N. May. “Neons are also making quite a comeback. They are both bold statements, so the best way to pair them is with basic pieces.”

Simplicity is what the folks at Shoe Gypsy, 6434 Avondale, are concentrating on this season. Two items at the top of their summer trends list: tanks and tees.

“Last summer was crazy hot in Oklahoma. Nothing keeps you cooler than a light tank top,” said Daniel Walcher of Shoe Gypsy. “To keep some class, you should pair it with a hat, something made from synthetics or straw.”

He added advice for every shopper: Trust the helpful eye of a friend!

“Hats can be tough, though, so make sure you bring an honest friend to help you pick the right one,” Walcher said.

Here comes the groom

Grooming has grown to become an integral part of men’s fashion. No longer are women the only ones filling up the spas and salons for a day of pampering. It’s truly a battle of the sexiest sex out there.

Peregrin said that your grooming process should start with the hair.

“Find someone who can make your hair look perfect. A good trim is the first step on the road to grooming,” he said.

Instead of giving up on styling and throwing on a baseball cap, ask a professional for help.

Thane Bixler at Shoe Gypsy

“Have them show you how best to style [your hair],” he said.

Once you’ve got the hair just right, frame your face with a nice pair of glasses. Walcher insisted finding a pair that complements your face shape.

“Nothing looks worse, in my opinion, than a good-looking person [who] is wearing sunglasses that don’t work,” he said.

Go out and get absolutely soaked in the looks of the season!

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