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Which Oklahoma celebs on Twitter are worth following or forgetting?

Andrew Gilman June 27th, 2012

The Twitterverse is a great, big place filled with possibilities. We looked at a few Twitter-happy celebrities from Oklahoma, and whether they’re worth your precious time.

Kevin Durant

OKC Thunder überstar


Number of followers: 2.28 million

Did you know Durant follows: Entertainers, basketballers, models, celebrities.

Follow him or forget it: Follow.

You’ll have to wade through some serious jargon, Twitterspeak and inside jokes, but let’s face it: You love Kevin Durant, and you’ll put up with it because he can really play some hoop, and he plays for the Thunder. Admit it. You can’t get enough KD. You’re not made of stone. You’re human.

Mary Fallin

Governor of Oklahoma


Number of followers: 4,835

Did you know Gov. Fallin follows: Hey, it’s understandable that Fallin’s Twitter feed is all business, but really, does it have to be all business? Only a handful of the 200-plus she follows are personal in any way. Live a little, gov. Show some personality behind the wild-and-crazy Oklahoma Bioscience Association posts.

Follow her or forget it: Follow.

If you’re one of those people who only follows the Dos Equis guy, jokes and sports news, you’d be good to consider adding Fallin. She doesn’t post often, however, and when she does, it’s usually “Great to see,” or “Great to talk with,” or even “Great to visit,” posts that smack of PR more than candor.


Blake Shelton

Country music singer from Tishomingo


Number of followers: 1.7 million

Did you know Blake follows: A Grand Ole Opry-sized crowd of folks, most of whom are associated with The Voice, country music or other entertainment types. A diverse lot? Nah, probably not. But Shelton also follows Redbook magazine, Jerry Seinfeld and, yes, even Jesus Christ — er, @Jesus.

Follow him or forget it: Follow.

While Shelton doesn’t shy from dropping a few choice cusswords, his posts differ from those of most celebrities. Heck, he seems normal. Yeah, he shills for his show, but he also posts about folding laundry, being drunk and watching TV.

Chris Harrison

Former OKC TV sports reporter; host of TV’s The Bachelor and The Bachelorette

Number of followers: 142,288

Did you know Chris follows: Harrison, who spent six years in the Oklahoma City market, chiefly follows actors, designers and Hollywood hotshots. Why mess with Al Eschbach when you can keep up with Jake Pavelka, star of The Bachelorette 5 and The Bachelor 14?

Follow him or forget it: Forget it.

If you love Us Weekly and celebrity gossip, you can be one of the 120k who have their timeline choked with insightful posts like “Clooney is the man.” 


Dan Gordon

Jeweler in Oklahoma City


Number of followers: 7,100

Did you know Dan follows: A good number of Hollywood types and such OKC notables as Wes Welker and KOCO-TV Channel 5 anchor Paul Folger. His follow list is diverse, meaning he either has lots of interests or wants you to think he does.

Follow him or forget it: Follow.

A prolific tweeter with more than 97,000 posts, Gordon doesn’t hold back what’s on his mind. However, while Gordon could certainly spam followers spitting venom at B.C. Clark, he actually has plenty to say about a lot of different issues beyond cut, color, clarity and carat.


Jesse Jane

Adult film star from Moore


Number of followers: 177,676

Did you know Jesse follows: More than 2,900 folks. While you might think most of them would be colleagues from such films of hers as Deeper 3 and Devon: Erotique (which we bet has nothing to do with the energy company, although a tower might still be involved), she follows ESPN football guru Mel Kiper Jr., some Thunder basketballers and High Times magazine. If you’re looking for more porn stars to follow, however, she has those on her list, too.

Follow her or forget it: Follow.

If only for the fact that you never know what you might see, hear or get a link to, Jane is worth a “follow” click. Just make sure to look over your shoulder if you do your Twitter browsing during working hours.


Tom Coburn

U.S. Senator from Muskogee


Number of followers: 41,395. Coincidentally, that’s also the exact number of times Coburn has proclaimed to “fight wasteful Washington spending” per year.

Did you know Tom follows: A number of senators and other politicos who reference religion in their bios. He also follows a lot of folks who describe themselves as — drum roll — conservative and“defenders of the constitution.” You could also describe Coburn’s follow list as conservative. He follows less than 150 people.

Follow him or forget it: Push.

Coburn’s posts, followers and timeline adhere to a strict viewpoint, so if that’s your thing, go for it. Good chance you’re not going to see much from Planned Parenthood here, but you already knew that, right?

Jim Traber

WWLS radio personality


Number of followers: 8,886, although more than 3,000 of them are disagreeable “yardbirds.” Likely the number of followers spikes on “Be Happy Friday.”

Did you know Jim follows: “The Ultimate” clearly doesn’t value the Twitter world’s opinion. He follows just 60 people, a number of them other WWLS folks.

Follow him or forget it: Follow.

Traber uses his 140 characters as weapons and approaches Twitter as his own personal cage match. Traber doesn’t hold grudges on his Twitter feed, he chokes them to death. Great stuff if you’re interested in reading about crybaby Seattle fans, a cheesecloth for your Thanksgiving Day turkey, Steelers football or just want to give your pulse rate a jolt.


Nick Collison

OKC Thunder basketball player


Number of follower: 80,083. Pretty tame considering he’s an NBA player. Then again, Collison isn’t pandering in his feed for more followers.

Did you know Nick follows: OKC footballer Wes Welker, a number of comic types including Jason Segel and Louis C.K. Of course, he follows lots of NBA players, but he must also be a voracious reader, since he follows a number of sportswriters.

Follow him or forget it? Follow.

Collison isn’t a prolific tweeter, so he doesn’t send out loads of drivel. His feed isn’t overrun with braggadocio or a bunch of Twitterspeak that most don’t understand: a rarity for an NBA player.

Kristin Chenoweth

Broken Arrow-born singer, actress


Number of followers: 585,096

Did you know Kristin follows: 452 people, including Dolly Parton, Shaquille O’Neal, Kanye West, Sarah Palin, a handful of “Kristin Chenoweth fan” accounts and Barack Obama.

Follow her or forget it?: Forget it.

Short, choppy posts don’t really offer much insight or commentary. But she’s from Oklahoma and she’s really famous.

David Payne

KFOR morning meteorologist


Number of followers: 7,352

Did you know David follows: More than 360 accounts. Apparently, Payne is a renaissance man on Twitter, following trendy OKC restaurants, personalities and even the Audubon Society.

Follow him or forget it: Follow.

As far as weather guys go in OKC, Payne is at the top. Watch him and you get more than the wind speed and knowing how Weatherford is about to get hit by a twister again. Instead, you get the feeling you’re hearing a really good inside joke. Now, his Twitter posts are about 98 percent weatherrelated, but he does reveal some personality and isn’t always in character, which can’t be said for many other TV newspeople.


Ree Drummond

Author, cook, TV personality


Number of followers: 311,244

Did you know Ree follows: A healthy diet of food experts, regular folk, photographers and indigenous Oklahoma accounts like the Red Dirt Chronicles.

Follow her or forget it: Follow.

Drummond gets it, simple as that, from her Twitter bio (where she sums up her existence as “Lover of Butter. Amen”) to her pictures of amazing food creations. But Ree does more than just advertise her own cooking exploits. She is funny, insightful and poignant, even suggesting she loves REO Speedwagon. C’mon, that’s what Twitter is all about.

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