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Slice of variety

Feeling a little bored with your current pizza relationship? Spice up your pies with these local alternatives.

Greg Elwell July 11th, 2012

They say pizza is like sex: Even when it’s bad, it’s pretty good. But nobody goes out on the town looking for mediocrity. We want the best. We want to be excited and enchanted. Sure, we all enjoy pepperoni now and again, but let’s get kinky and try something different, shall we?

The Wedge:

The Truffle Shuffle

If pizzas were women, this is the one my wife would have ample reason to hate. Roasted chicken, cremini mushrooms, spinach, cheese and truffle oil make this a pie you’ll have trouble sharing (which is why you go on Mondays with a Keep It Local card, so you get two-for-one).

Danny B’s:

Pepperoni and Cream Cheese

I know we’re trying to get off the pepperoni, but Danny B’s addition of cream cheese complements the old standby. Now, in addition to those spicy red discs, you’ll be treated to tiny dollops of tangy cream cheese. It’s worth your time and effort to get one.

Jo’s Famous Pizza:

The Cowboy

Yee haw! Howdy, folks. Do you ever wish your pizza tasted like something completely different? This here’s the slice for you. Sure, you’ve had bacon and hamburger on a pizza before, and onions are the norm at this point. But when you melt Cheddar on top and coat the crust in a sweet barbecue sauce, well … you’ve got something new and exciting. More important, you’ve got something your mouth will enjoy.

Joey’s Pizza:

Bianca Neve

As Joey’s chefs began putting together this pie — ladling on the Alfredo sauce, crisping the bacon, gathering the garlic and the feta and the mozzarella — somebody spoke up and said, “Won’t this kill somebody?” So they put on some spinach. The end result? Incredible decadence.


The Skinny

Pizza isn’t supposed to be healthy; it just needs to be delicious. But can it be both? Coolgreens says, “Sure, why the hell not?” Basil pesto sets the stage for the sweet grapes and figs, tangy sun-dried tomatoes and goat cheese, and the bitter crunch of arugula. And throw on some walnuts, too. Why? Because walnuts taste good.

Sauced on Paseo:

Buffalo Chicken

Seems like everybody tries to make a Buffalo chicken pizza, but only Sauced makes a version I love. With its blue cheese sauce and the buffalo-style chicken studded throughout, this pie has spice and tang in the right proportions.

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