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Oh, Mercy

Gazette staff August 15th, 2012

When Mercy Hospital’s corporate office in St. Louis, Mo., discovered the company had inadvertently copied an Oklahoma City church’s logo, it did what all honest organizations do: Company execs apologized and volunteered to help Crossings Community Church design a new logo.

Credit: Brad Gregg

The new Mercy logo was rolled out in Missouri in September of 2011, but only arrived in Oklahoma a few months ago. That’s when an Oklahoma City resident informed the company of the remarkable similarity.

Rachel Wright, a spokesperson for OKC’s Mercy Hospital, said a graphic designer at the corporate office created the logo without knowledge of the Crossings logo. And to be fair, there are only a few ways to make a cross; it’s basically two intersecting lines with four right angles.

“We contacted the leadership of Crossings and arranged a meeting,” Wright said. “Mercy agreed to help them resource a new logo.” Oh, and “resource” is health-care jargon for “pay for.”

Faced with the difficult task of coming up with a new logo, the leadership at Crossings apparently realized that two intersecting lines look like a cross and a crossroads no matter how they’re drawn.

Somehow, with both organizations working on it, a graphic designer finally was found who could create another cross logo for Crossings. The new cross has been bleached of color, so it’s possible resources were not sufficient to cover a four-color process.

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