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What liberals really want

James Henry August 29th, 2012

Mike Brake (Commentary, “Disaster is ahead for Obamacare,” Gazette, Aug. 8) really should do a little research on what liberals want, if he really thinks the Affordable Care Act is “their big wish.”

I don’t know of any liberals who wanted the Affordable Care Act. I know a number of liberals who, like me, wanted health care reform legislation that would provide medical care for those who lack the funds to purchase health insurance or pay for their own medical care.

The Obama administration was unable to pass the kind of legislation which liberals wanted because Republican legislators wanted nothing more than to oppose any health care reform proposed by Obama.

Republican ideologues, like Brake, want to defeat President Obama more than they want world peace or full employment.

Since Brake didn’t bother to find out what liberals really want, I’ll help him out by telling him one thing this liberal wants: a Republican party which is as interested in governing as it is in defeating its opponents.

—James Henry, Oklahoma City

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09.04.2012 at 11:51 Reply

I'd argue that liberals want that same thing from their party.  Neither side is functioning anymore.  

From here on out, I refuse to vote for any congressional incumbants until such time as those in office actually start acting in their constituent's best interest instead of their own.